Monday, 3 October 2011

J's Chimes: AFA Is Back!

The Anime Festival Asia is back once again and am so looking forward to it. Reason being that I've also bought the tickets for the concert. Though it cost a bomb, I guess it's worth it once in a while since this event only happens once a year. AFA 2011 will commence from 11 Nov to 13 Nov 2011 and am hoping it be the best out of the other 3 years previously. And of course, that includes purchasing of more models and anime in that coming event...

Am also looking forward to Hatsune Miku's concert which will happen on the 11 Nov 2011. Heard it be the same as the 3D projection performance that took place back in Sapporo Japan recently too. Still, there's about a month away from all the excitement so trying to contain myself for the time being and update more of AFA when it's closer. For more information about AFA, you can view their website at