Saturday, 3 January 2009

J's Chimes: Tales Of The Abyss

Produced by Bandai Namco Games, Tales Of The Abyss debut on the PS2 console in Dec 2005. Seems pretty long ago but then the story lingers till now because of the anime which came out in 2008. It is a remake of the story of the game except that they cut the long story short. What's nostalgic about this game is that they used the same opening theme for the anime too. The above video is one that's shown in the game introduction.

This second opening theme is one being used in the anime. Seriously after watching, I think both are good in certain ways. Somehow, the English Version of the game has an instrumental opening instead. Guess they didn't translate the song to English. You can watch it by clicking here. Tales Of The Abyss is one of Bandai Namco's Tales Series and it doesn't seem to end just yet. A new game for the Xbox 360 called Tales Of Vesperia came out last year and it doesn't fail to disappoint fans around the world...

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