Wednesday, 30 June 2010

J's Chimes: The 2 Types Of Anime Otaku

Somehow or rather, somebody derives that anime otakus can be divided into 2 distinctive types.

Type A

- A person who simply enjoys 'anime'.
- Is proud of Japan’s anime.
- Evaluates anime based on direction, voice acting, art, etc.
- Hates shallow anime with no real content.
- Story emphasis more on 'Moe' anime.

Type B
- A person who simply enjoys 'characters'.
- Will watch an anime if it includes cute or beautiful characters.
- Doesn’t care if story is awful, as long as the characters are of interest.
- Evaluates anime based on which seiyuu are in it and what the characters look like.
- Loves Moe elements. Doesn’t like complex anime.
- The otaku the media picks up on are usually this kind.
- Doesn’t know that much about anime and so is often criticized as by Type A otaku.
- However, they make much better customers than the more discerning Type A otaku.
- Recently there has been a huge increase in anime targeted at Type B otaku.
- People who like K-ON!, Queen’s Blade, Strike Witches and so on would be in this class.

Personally am in the range between type A and B but more towards type A. I believe a good storyline for anime is a must that makes me wanna watch. In fairness 'Type A' seems more a description of anime 'fans' than anime 'otaku', as most of the irrational and obsessive characteristics generally associated with otaku seem to be absent; on the other hand, it is in the hearts of 'Type B' otaku that the seeds of the Moe boom were sown…

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

J's Chimes: Ski In The Toilet

This is part of a winter marketing campaign for Coca Cola's Georgia Coffee Max with a toilet in Japan decorated with that of a of ski resort with a realistic view from the top of a ski jump. The cubicles were fully decorated on all sides so that the person caught short would have a ski jumper’s view when they are sitting on the throne. The person can look down at the skis and see the steep ski jump slope ahead of them. Advertising messages are found on the toilet paper holder and on the wall behind the toilet with the message: “Seriously kick-ass intensely sweet for the real coffee super zinging unstoppable Max! Taste-explosion!”. Intense... This has got to be the most creative bathroom I have ever seen. Hopefully we'd able to see them in Singapore too...

Monday, 28 June 2010

J's Chimes: Catching Up With The News...

Got a quick laugh out of this little poster and then after pondering like what would it be if you'd to download and watch all animes out from the early years till now... Certainly it would also take as long as what's written here...

Well... Knowledge and 'other' stuff are almost infinite and there's no way to watch them all for that matter. In any case, I believe it'll take at least 1 whole month, 24hours a day non stop and 7 days weekly just to finish reading all of J's Chimes posts... Who knows?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

J's Chimes: A War With God And Love

Angel Beats had finally came to an end on the 13th episode with the lead characters attending a graduation ceremony out of this alternate world that was supposedly created by God to help people to fulfill their dreams in life in which they never had when they are alive. The storyline in episode 1 was really complicated that you'd had absolutely no idea what was going on until you've actually watched everything. Somehow the term 'God' and other related stuff was used once again and twisted into another story of its very own, one that makes one ponder about life as we know it...

Have rather mix feelings for this episode because the way each and everyone of them left is just so saddening. Which bring to the point like what is happening in our everyday lives. One day we would have to move on, and our friends will slowly leave us one by one to pursue their own path in life. And so nothing really is forever unless you'd make the most and cherish your friendship... It is seriously hard to maintain a friendship because both parties are tied up with the many stresses and problems in life that you'd really have no time to meet up for a little chat. And thus friendships are gone in that instance. Episode 13 tells just how people like us would feel at that very moment in time.

However, the worse part is definitely saying goodbye forever to the one you love dearly... Would you selfishly keep her by your side or sacrifice for your love ones to let her pursue her destiny or dream, etc? I really can't answer this question at all because I am in his situation before... And sacrificing for your love ones really isn't a good thing to do... makes you really sad. I believe at times love really have to be selfish in order to be with her always. The sweetest part is the short ending where the 2 cross paths with each other when they are reborn in the real world... If there's really such thing as fate or destiny, I would really wanna believe in it and not be seriously emo-ing about love and life... Hope that they'd make a new season for this wonderful anime...

Saturday, 26 June 2010

J's Chimes: So You Wanna Go To Japan...

Wanted to go Japan for a very long time... However, due to the fact that it is an expensive place to be in, still don't have that much of a money to go there anytime soon. Planning is mostly necessary if you'd want to get the most out of your trip and especially so when you are going there on a budget. Came across a simple traveling guide that could probably help in travels to Japan. Check it out here so that you'd get a picture of why Japan isn't as cheap as you thought it might be... unless you plan ahead...

Friday, 25 June 2010

J's Chimes: Hobby Maintenance

After keeping your models in the display cabinet for a long long time, starting to feel a bit worried. As time goes on, scale models made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) will tend to produce an oily surface or bend when exposed to room temperature for long periods of time. Due to the fact that PVC is cheap and also easily molded into shape, it is commonly used for hobbies such as this. So now the thing is, how or what should you do to maintain them?

Am really sad that my Hatsune Miku figure has this stickiness problem on her right arm that I had no choice but to take it out from the display cabinet and place it on my desktop. Collecting dust on the outside beats becoming oily and sticky. Thus also browse through the web for tips of maintaining my models and had found something interesting that might help you too.

10 Tips for maintaining your PVC models

1.) Keep it in cool temperature. No direct sunlight or hot areas...

2.) Put your models in a freezer for about 20min. This method could help harden the PVC and also drys up the oily or sticky surface due to the temperature when exposed for long periods of time.

3.) Do not clean your figure with chemical liquid or warm water. If possible avoid water. But only use a small amount water to clean parts of your figure that is dirty. Use the special kind of cloth for cleaning camera lenses or spectacles to clean your models as other alternatives like tissue could result in the dust particles sticking to your models instead.

4) If you have a hard time to remove the figure from the stand as most of them are made of plastic), do not use force. Just put the figure inside the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. It is because plastic will shrink and expand more then PVC.

5.) If you have more then 1 figure stand close to each other, make sure they don't touch each other. The paint would leave a mark on the other model and vice versa.

6.) Famous brand such as Max Factory, Kaiyodo, alter, good smile company, etc.. uses quality paint. However quality doesn't always mean it is not susceptible to such problems. Thus try to put a plastic to every joint that removable to avoid direct contact that will leave a mark after a long time. For example, hats on a model's head which is also painted could eventually rip off the paint on the model's head and vice versa that would leave a mark. Thus the reason why manufactures always put a plastic between the joints or cover of a new figure to prevent such from happening after long periods of time.

7.) Avoid puting heavy objects for example weapons, items, etc on your figure hands for long periods of time because PVC will bend over time. Thus you might need to take it out once in awhile to avoid such losses.

8.) I hate to say this but PVC, along with the paint, is poisonous after exposure of long periods of time. This sticky and oily surface is seriously as toxic as lead like the previous case on China's lead poisoning on toys incident. So you might wanna go wash your hands thoroughly after touching them.

9.) Models bend out of shape? Put them in the freezer for about 10 - 15min. You'd need to make it stand in a position you wanted before putting it in so that the position maintains after you take it out. Another method is to use a blower for the bended part of your figure but do take note that heat might affect the paint of the figure.

10.) Do check your figures every once in a month or so just by touching them to know the conditions of your figures. If it starts to become oily, bending or sticky, it means you'd need to do something soon. Do check those still in the boxes too as they too are not safe from such damages.

I hope that these tips could help you to properly maintain your scale models and figures for years to come. I guess I have to do something about this too, else risking my models going sticky and oily and bendy and stuff...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

J's Chimes: Nintendo 3DS

Just when you thought the Nintendo DS can't get any better with newer models like the DSi and LL versions, the company announces the new Nintendo 3DS. It boosts a 3.5inch LCD on top capable of 3D views without the need of a 3D glasses (Wow...Even better than 3D HD TVs). It also has many other cool new features added like motion sensors and inner and outer cameras, just like a 3G phone... What's more, is that it can be rivaled with the PSP with stunning graphics a level higher. Seriously, the Nintendo 3DS is a hand held powerhouse for the next generation of games on the go. To read more of the specs, click here or simply watch a funny video clip about it here.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

J's Chimes: Not Your Everyday Advert...

Even a simple advertisement for an indoor pesticide is given a Kamen Rider look a like makeover and battling an evil cockroach that invades the houses in Japan. A rather exaggerated advertisement with a unique and interesting twist that such series could also blend into our everyday live necessities. Kinda reminds me of Power Rangers too... In any case, watch this to brighten up your day!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

J's Chimes: Scape Cosplay

Beside the Streetfest event held at Plaza Singapura, another cosplay event was held nearby last Saturday. The new Scape Shopping Center which was located near somerset beside Cineleisure held a grand opening event with lots of performances and a cosplay gathering area. Then again had missed out this event due to my computer problems... In any case, click on here to view the photos as taken by Heart's Workshop. Or simply view them from the link via the taskbar on the right. Being missing out a couple of events ever since the holidays, hopefully I could spare time for both cosplay events coming up next month...

Monday, 21 June 2010

J's Chimes: Streetfest Awes

I didn't think the streetfest is gonna be good until I've seen the photos posted by people online yesterday... And I've really missed out a lot all thanks to Father's Day. Well, it is still an important day but somehow it irks me to have missed out such an event... Somehow this cosplay of the dark rider from the anime Durarara! gets to me... For better or for worse, my computer had to break down this week... Well, I guess we would have to wait for upcoming bigger event known as Cosfest this coming July... To view all of these photos, click here view them or simply click on the given link on the right task bar.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

J's Chimes: Seikirei Pure Engagement

The new season is finally here and has already started off with a new anime known as Seikirei Pure Engagement. Awaited this season 2 of Seikirei since the manga has been running for quite awhile already. It's still kinda sad with nice animes this season coming to an end. However, the new animes in store for us would surely be a blast...

Saturday, 19 June 2010

J's Chimes: System Restoration

After long hours of reinstalling and backups, the basics are finally up and J's Chimes will continue to blog again starting tomorrow... It's seriously a tedious and hard process just to get everything back online... excluding the games... In any case, I've got to open up and take a look inside my computer. It's really surprising to see the graphics card that big which almost took up a third of the entire system located at the bottom... The ATI Radeon 8750 is this big for a reason...

And there you have it... the one in red and black... It looks like a box with a fan right in the front. Seriously, I believe that is the one that's taking up all the weight of the entire pc... In any case, get to open it up and clean all the dust out that has accumulated on the fan and the insides...

And finally, the fan for the i7 processor... which even needs a vent to air out the exhaust... speaking about powerhouse, no wonder this system lets out a lot of heat and exhaust... you can really feel it as you go near... well in any case, the backup is about done so once again stay tune for more updates coming up soon...

Friday, 18 June 2010

J's Chimes: Startup Failure

Due to hardware failures of both my desktop computers at home, J's Chimes will be put on indefinite hold until further notice. Having unsuccessful attempts in starting up my computer and also my previous computer too with the exact same problem... Thus am currently stuck with my laptop with barely anything to update the blog. Sometimes it's just seriously frustrating to have (both) your computers down and leaving you hanging in the balance. Hopefully the problem is resolved this evening with the technicians to solve the problems asap so that I may continue to blog soon...

Thursday, 17 June 2010

J's Chimes: All Your Base Are Belong To Us...

Though this isn't actually news about anime and stuff, just had too upload this because it's been the talk of the day yesterday. A flash flood occurs during the morning heavy downpour at one of Singapore's busiest commercial district known as Orchard Road. It almost completely filled the entire roads with chocolate milkshake with trash as toppings. Here's a video clip on the busy roads just outside the Heeren Shops and Meritus Mandarin Gallery.

The worse hit shopping Malls would be Lucky Plaza Shopping Center with tons of water flowing down into the basement like a drain that leads to the sewerage system from outside. Here ya can see the shopping goods and products floating around... just like a tornado hit this place... Lots of damages in property and sales...

Well at least this isn't as worse as the Wheelock Place as tons of Chocolate Milkshake makes the basement totally underwater like the City Of Atlantis... There goes the Wendy's Fast Food Outlet and Starbucks Coffee... Looks like the machines, appliances and electronics will all be going for a swim... Darn, so much food wasted. Wet chairs, interior... Wonder how long it'll take to clean up the place...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

J's Chimes: So You Wanna Draw Manga?

I've always been interested in drawing manga but because of the many temptations in life like video games and anime, never really been able to set aside time for my drawing passion. And so drawing really has been quite a thing of the past for me... But then again, my passion has once again been re-lit after watching many of the Youtube videos about drawing manga. Have tried many times but to no avail to pretty much perfecting the face and the body of the characters am drawing. (Hmm... guess I should post some of these on my blog in later posts). In any case, it takes lots of patience and time to complete and master the art of drawing like a pro. Check this cool clip out and find out more, perhaps you might learn a thing or two. Gonna start drawing one of these days too to get myself all fired up...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

J's Chimes: The Downfall Of RPGs?

With the latest installment of the Final Fantasy Series hitting into an all time low price of just 500 yen = SGD$7.60 in Japan now, there are talks about whether the genre of RPGs will continue to sustain with its stagnant works and stuffs to awe and attract fans. RPG or Role Playing Games are commonly seen as games that have long storyline and battle modes in which players would need to choose between turns and act as directed. Such has been rather similar in almost all of the RPGs that we've seen today, in future or the past which people would grew tired of because it takes really a long number of hours to complete it.

With the popularity of first person shooter and action and adventure games on the rise, such games are often a more viable option for serious gamers like me and you because the action is continuous and fun instead of leveling up in RPGs. Plus,with the rise of MMO games, more gamers are lured towards such real time games to play with the vast network of other players together... However, it is still surprising to me that Final Fantasy 13 is still selling at the normal price of $70 and above in Singapore. Indeed there are still fans of Final Fantasy around because of its seemingly beautiful graphics and style the game has to offer. Perhaps time could tell whether Square Enix or other RPG companies could come out with something unique to attract people back to this genre of games once again...

Monday, 14 June 2010

J's Chimes: Schoolmate 2

Eroge company Illusion continues to awe fans with the second installation of the series with Schoolmate 2. With the recent game Real Kanojo released a few months back, it seems that they are going back to basics and now concentrating on what they're good at... You'd theoretically see the major improvements in graphics and detail wise as to compared with its other predecessors previously launched.

What surprises me is the release date... It will be release so very soon, 11 days and counting so only then will we be able to find out how exactly the game fends and works... But judging from the pictures and previews, one would say that it's amazing. Once again, Illusion impresses each time with its quality and such... Am not surprised if this would be the next big hit there after...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

J's Chimes: War On Scanlations

With talks about losses incurred with the piracy of mangas through scanlations available at websites, Japanese and US manga publishers have come together with the aim of putting an end to illegal online distribution of mangas. This alliance includes many of the known publishers that delivers us the mangas in stores like tokyopop. Such copyright issues are thus put into action and are currently cracking down on much of the manga sites as we know of today... Publishers claimed that scanlations are main the cause of the industry woes. Another battle against anime is once again imminent with all the piracy and copyrighted issues going on as of date. Whether it would be good or bad no one is ever sure... But since it does affect our personal well-being of reading mangas for free, I guess only time will tell...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

J's Chimes: Singapore Street Festival

The Singapore Street Festival will be held starting yesterday till this coming Sunday and next week with youth performances and also most probably Cosplays too... Held at the Plaza Singapura Shopping Center, you'd probably wanna check this out when at town so you wouldn't missed anything nice. And if such still doesn't excite you much, how about heading down to Suntec City Singapore for a PC show held at the convention halls at level 4 to 6. Bought a couple of games there to accompany me during my holidays...

Friday, 11 June 2010

J's Chimes: Tribute Or Coincidence?

The release of the album by Girls Dead Monster for the anime Angel Beats somehow caught the attention of the public because of its striking resemblance to the ever popular rock group known as Bon Jovi. Such design and even to the title of the album is being copied as shown above (Click on the picture for a better view...). Whether it is a tribute to the famous rock group or a total plagiarism no one is ever sure but it seems as though Girls Dead Monster is following Bon Jovi in its footsteps to fame in the same genre (Such is as seen by them playing the musical instruments from drums to guitars as depicted by the famous group Bon Jovi...). However the case, this album has been successful with song titles from the anime Angel Beats that has been popular ever since its launch...

Thursday, 10 June 2010

J's Chimes: Pokemon Pan

Pokemon has been around for a very long time and is still seemingly popular with the kids till this day of age even though it's about a decade ago. It's popularity even brought about many products to be sold in Japan and all around the world including toys to foodstuff. And here's an advertisement of Pokemon Pan or Bread on Japan TV. Seriously I can't believe that even a simple thing as a bread be branded with the Pokemon logo and stuff... Play and watch Pokemon not enough, you must even wanna go eat it too... Perhaps they even have Pokemon toiletries too?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

J's Chimes: Secondary Pocky Crave

Bought 3 new type of flavours of Pocky Sticks from the Singapore Food Fair at the Expo Convention held a wee back or so. And I must say, they are definitely much more expensive than the ordinary types probably because of the certain extra added to the sticks. The black one contains Almond crush with bitter chocolate on a stick and sweet chocolate for the white one. Pocky Tsubu Tsubu is the one with the pink stick with strawberry and flakes on it.

The first crave most likely goes to the one with Almond crush and chocolate on the sticks... Amazingly attractive and really nice to consume... Now that's heavenly considering that it's only Pocky. Perhaps you can make a mock up one with chocolate and almond crush as dip with a biscuit stick...

A span of 2 days makes me crave for the Pocky Tsubu Tsubu flavoured sticks... Looks just like the ordinary strawberry flavoured sticks but added with real strawberry flakes that makes it taste even sweeter and tastier... Sweeten up your life with Tsubu Tsubu. Let your loved ones have a bite and see what their reaction is...

Shared the Almond Crush chocolate sticks with my family for the last Pocky box and definitely taste just as nice as the black one. Was wondering where to get them until I stumbled them back at Meidiya in Liang Court. Unless you looking for more flaovours to chew on, perhaps ya should look into these too?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

J's Chimes: 80k Hits!

Once again, it's a J's Chimes tradition to thank you all for your support. Another 10k hits in just a month is truly an amazing feat to me and the blog. Please continue to visit us for more updates and stuff about anime and culture in Singapore. We hope that you could spread the word about this blog so as to gather more people to talk about our hobbies...

Monday, 7 June 2010

J's Chimes: Gamer's Meet

A friend of mine who plays Left 4 Dead 2 decides to organise a gamer's meet at Play Nation located at 60A Princep Street Singapore (Near Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, beside Sunshine Plaza). Around 9 people gathered together for a fun-filled day loaded with plenty of Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii gaming. This is the first outlet I've ever been to that has boardgames and console games for people to play and hangout together. Similar to the Mind's Cafe, this shop focuses more on games and activities within the group rather than a cafe by itself.

Our group decided to book a spacious room to gather and play games. It's SGD$11.50 per head for 4 hours of gaming, inclusive of free flow of drinks. Not too bad for room all to ourselves and 2 different consoles to play with... The more hardcore gamers of our group takes the Xbox360 while we decided to have a go at the Nintendo Wii. Haven't really touch a Wii before and thus decided to have a couple of fun while am at it.

Rock Band is one of the most popular games in our group that allows 4 players to play at the same time... Can't believe they actually spent hours playing that before switching to another game. Now the game room sounds so much like a Karaoke lounge instead... Things get a little more lively with more hardcore song coming along the way...

As for us, we played a couple of games here and there for the Wii console which includes Mario Brothers to crazy games like cooking and the likes. It's a new experience but gets old after a while. No doubt usinf the Wii controller is kinda hard, even the games are kinda strange and would moslty be catered to family fun instead of playing it alone. Thus for gamers like us, it is often preferred to purchase an Xbox360 or Playstation 3 if you're playing alone most of the time.

We tried guitar heros for the Nintendo Wii and I must say, am pretty tired after everything ends... Can't imagine playing games like this could be so... unique and tiring... (This is my first time playing...) Decided to put those aside and try other games after playing with the bass for long periods of time...

No game is complete without the guys playing soccer. After which a little Halo ODST to end the 4 hour period. Time flies when you're having fun. Hope to visit this place again for any gathering I'd may have as it's a good place to bond with your friends. Finally, everyone have their dinner at Mad Jack and then a little more gaming at the Plaza Singapura video game center. Got back early to buy some materials to fix up a vent for my computer as my desk get hot overtime with the power of an i7 processor...

Sunday, 6 June 2010

J's Chimes: Motivation To Anime

Everyday that you don't watch anime, Domo-kun eats a kitten... A nice motivational poster to encourage you to watch anime without fail. But seriously, how often do you guys really watched anime and talked about it? Had been watching anime ever since my high school days and what really motivates me to watch them is not really from a hobby or a passion back then. It is from a failed relationship that I've experience and somehow turned to anime for comfort and entertainment. And thus soon then after, anime has become a hobby since then. It is kinda sad watching it alone though and would many times ponder about the past again and again because of this, which is also probably the reason why I love watching romantic genre animes much more than others, take for example Kimi Ni Todoke. In any case, anime has become part of my life and would probably be watching it till kingdom comes. Don't be surprise that in future generations that anime would become something big in Singapore as such are already rapidly picking up pace within the younger generations...

Saturday, 5 June 2010

J's Chimes: Animating Anime

In my last post, we discussed about the salaries animators earn annually. But seriously do you really know how tough it is to animate anime? In fact I had actually believed that animators are paid a lot for their work because often such skills and talents in drawing are needed to draw he characters (which is often not an easy thing to do unless you are so seasoned that you are able to finish one frame in 10mins). Whatever the case, it is safe to assumed that an anime of about 20mins requires maybe hundreds or thousands of frames to complete depending on the flow of the animation (As in frames per second to allow smooth motion of the animation).

Let's take a look at a simple example like this without any shadings and stuff... Probably needs about 6 - 8 frames to make this 1 second clip which is seemingly tough for a novice like me in drawing animes. However, 1 thing I do admired about animators is that they have the patience to draw tons and tons of animations to complete 1 episode which is truly amazing.

The other amazing thing about animators is that they are able to draw well coordinated movements like this animation of a girl doing a roundhouse kick. You got to have really good observation of a person's movement in order to draw such. And trust me, it ain't easy to draw a character in different angles of view... Perhaps you could draw anime, but could you make it move smoothly?

The next would definitely be the details, the facial expressions and such that attracts your attention... An example is as show with character Taiga from the anime Toradora. It's amazing that even sketches like this could look so nice even without the colour. And how many would you need to draw to complete this? 10 - 12 frames of serious drawing pleasure... In any case, if drawing is a passion, it's no wonder animators are willing to do it not for the money but for their interest. We should really look up to these guys who make anime possible...

Friday, 4 June 2010

J's Chimes: Miku Station

Guess what? Hatsune Miku is coming to a Sony Playstation near you titled Project Diva... Seems to me its like a Beatmania or Guitar Heros kinda game whereby players hit the correct buttons upon correct notes given... This would probably be the intro for this game and is stunningly good and nice (However the high pitch tone at the end kinda ruins the mood...). In any case, seems like Luka and the other vocaloids are in this too so may turn out kinda nice... Enough said, watch this clip and be awed...

Thursday, 3 June 2010

J's Chimes: Exams Fever

It's the time of year again when the exam results are out this morning... Can't say for sure till I wake up and look at the transcripts on the internet... Really hope to clear this semester's modules and move on to my very last semester this coming July... Guess time will tell. In any case, J's Chimes will continue to post more after this crisis is over and hopefully will pass with flying colours... Like the saying goes, if Yui can do it, so can I. Then I can celebrate by going out to have a good meal and take photographs... not to mention starting my cosplay in which I think about for a long time...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

J's Chimes: New Season's Anime

Firstly, salutations for the people in Chartfag's Den who came out with this list of upcoming animes next season. This coming June will be a blast with a couple of seriously good animes to watch (Click on picture for a bigger view). Been waiting for Highschool of the Dead as it would be so cool... Others will include Seikirei and strike witches 2... Another amazing thing happened again to me was that had just read the manga titled Amagami and suddenly there it is, out as an anime this season... Happened to me not once but a couple of times on other animes too... anyway, look forward to next season soon...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

J's Chimes: Otaku Writes Story For Romance Animes

This is something that intrigues me a lot and had been thinking it ever since I've read the article about it on Sankaku Complex. The question here is, 'how can an otaku who has no love experience be writing a storyline for romance animes in which we watch these days?' Come to think of it, otakus are despise for loving their 2D counterparts more and thus leading to many Japanese females to stay away from them... This is especially so too in Singapore in the age whereby anime is also quite condemned by people aging from 24 and above who doesn't know much about them.

A writer expresses his opinion that otaku cannot write romances as they are sad and lonely creatures with no experience. He also pointed out that otakus should get into real relationships rather than their 2D girlfriends. Though those in 2D are all ideal partners, the writer thinks that such are unrealistic and claims that they can't write anything new without these experiences.
Such has led to many netizens to discuss and backfire him for his unimpressive speech.

Though it does sound logical that Otakus can't possibly write romance, here;s what netizens have a say about such:

- "If you know the real thing you can’t make games and the like.”
- “He’s underestimating the imaginative power of virgins.”
- “I suppose you can’t make an RPG if you haven’t been an adventurer.”
- “A commoner has no qualifications to talk about otaku.”
- “So Konami must employ world class lovers…”
- “A product intended for virgins might as well be made by virgins.”

In my perspective, I'd believe that it's not really about what kind of person you are. Rather, it is about how creative and imaginative you are to be able to write a storyline that eventually captures the hearts of the audiences and become popular, just like the mangas Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or Full Metal Alchemist. The fact that Otakus do not have the experience to write a romance story is true. However this brings about things which you'd least expected in animes alike and are fantasies of what every guys or gals would like to have to be in love and doing things rarely thought of or being done in reality. Thus it brings to the point that such are considered remarkable as not many common people are able to think things out of the box that way. Well, many people have different perspectives of things around us so maybe you too have a different view of things too about such...