Sunday, 31 January 2010

J's Chimes: Sudden Ecchi Suprises

The anime Ladies Vs Butlers caught me by absolute surprise with its ecchi scenes in the middle of nowhere when I was watching it at home where my parents are around... With the lewd sounds and provocative fan-services, episode 4 of this anime shows a couple of scenes of a girl who bares all for the protagonist she would like to marry because of a simple miss... (watch this anime to find out more here) Seriously such scenes can kill you when your Mom founds out about it... Well, ya can't escape from ecchiness from animes as it's part of their everyday lives...

Saturday, 30 January 2010

J's Chimes: Meaningful Quotes From Animes

Sometimes, anime teaches you life lessons. The quote 'Because the world isn't as cruel as you take it to be' flashes across my mind these few days after watching the anime Durarara!! Many people thought that anime are for kids and may think that it's childish and inappropriate for people like us. Some of these things maybe be worth thinking in a different perspective because others may have diferent mindsets of what's going on in the anime industry...

Friday, 29 January 2010

J's Chimes: It's About The Eyes

A new anime debuts just this month with a seemingly interesting design of the character's eyes. Katanagatari or translated as the Story of the Swords, is a 50 minutes long anime which tells the story of a girl strategist in search of a man who can help her gather 12 unique swords rumored to be the most powerful in the world. After hearing that there's a swordless warrior who could fight against all odds, she went in search of him in an unhabited island for help. The story is kinda draggy and... what's with the eyes? I guess simple is nice in a way. More details here.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

J's Chimes: Another Maid & Butler Anime

Once again another Maids and Butlers anime hits the screens this season. Similar to other animes like Hayate No Gotoku and He Is My Master, Ladies Vs Butlers is a new anime which tell the story about a guy who entered a maid training academy to become a Butler in future. Nevertheless, he met up with various girls in the academy and once again a new harem of event unfolds... More info here about this new anime out this season.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

J's Chimes: Anime's Character Origination

I may be wrong but based on what I've seen in the past, I believe that the origination of the atittudes and characters of anime girls comes from the classic game called Tokimeki Memorial. A popular love simulation game in Japan back in the early 90s, this game turns into an anime and franchises of various household items from stickers to stationery that time. Till then various animes have characters with atittudes and stuff from what we would see as of today. And that's about when Yandere, Tsundere and whatever starts coming out of the otaku dictionary...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

J's Chimes: Chu-Bra!!

Didn't know much about women's bra until I'd watch the anime titled Chu-Bra!! Based on a manga by Yumi Nakata (And again another manga made into anime...), Chu-Bra!! tells the story about a girl named Nayu Hayama who loves underwears and knows a lot about them. Being a fetish of that sort of stuff brought about her friends ostracizing her of being perverted and immoral. However, her vast knowledge of such has brought about much comedic moments and laughter in the quest of promoting acceptance of underwear to the public as a wonderful necessity instead of ogling at it and sort. More info of the anime here.

Monday, 25 January 2010

J's Chimes: Seikon No Qwaser

This new season also brings in a new anime titled Seikon No Qwaser, adapted from a manga by Hiroyuki Hoshino and reviewed by people as an infamous breast feeding anime. However, many of the scenes are censored heavily with low quality scenes to scenery and such that makes you go 'huh? What the heck is going on?' kinda impression... It is been announced that the uncensored version will be out on the 26 instead and this is just a teaser anime or some sort to get people pondering... An interesting anime so to say but with a couple of Yuri moments and such to perk up the boys. Check out more in their website here.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

J's Chimes: Classic Animes Are Good Too

Sometimes it's interesting to watch classic animes too that had long been forgotten. Take Yoiko for example which has been sub by a group just recently. The story's about a girl who attended elementary school but the catch is that she out-grows them and looks like an adult with a good figure. Plenty of comedic moments involving with stuff like what's shown above. Though the art's kinda old, the storyline is rather original as to compared with animes nowadays. Anyway, it's always good to look back every once in a while to relive the older days...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

J's Chimes: Ookamikakushi

Another mysterious and dark anime after 11 Eyes in this season would be Ookamikakushi or translated as Hiding Wolves. This anime tells the story of a town in the mountains that had plenty of dark secrets of wolves in hiding. The reapers thus would come out at night to execute those wolves that went berserk over the scent of humans. The male protagonist soon discovers the abnormally as things are getting strange with each passing day... Visit the website here for more info.

Friday, 22 January 2010

J's Chimes: Oppai Ga Ippai

Dieselmine, a Japan Eroge Company came out with a seemingly peculiar game called Oppai Ga Ippai which players could choose from 2 characters to ermm... council them from their problems (And massaging them at the same time). This is one H game that focuses so much on the chest alone unlike other games presentation. Eroges are changing as time passes where people wants more interaction and playability so maybe such short games could perk them up indefinitely...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

J's Chimes: Resolution Fixed

Finally manage to fix the resolution problem with a new wallpaper behind. It seems that Flickr doesn't accept 1920 x 1020 pictures for this background and thus the scripting begins... In any case that's one thing solved. Will be playing around the background for a bit more so that J's Chimes will look better in future...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

J's Chime: 40,000 Hits

J's Chimes has out of nowhere reaches 40,000 hits! It has only been a month that we've reach 30,000 hits and it looks like things are a bit livelier now with more people to visit my blog. Receive lots of encouragement and support from friends and would hope to continue on posting till the end of days. Anyway it has been a good start this year. Hopefully better things to come and more visitors especially. Cheers!

J's Chimes: Seikan Hikou

For some reason or another, I got hooked to Macross Frontier Songs these days... Probably because of the translation of the documentary show 'My World My Blog' (Check previous post for more details). One of them particularly would be Seikan Hikou which could also be seen at Episode 12 of the Macross Frontier anime. And you could even see parodies, fan made, performances and such from Youtube about Seikan Hikou. And not to forget, Ranka Lee's favourite sign can be seen everywhere... But seriously, it originates from the real singer Megumi Nakajima and the anime just follows it...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

J's Chime: Innocent But Deadly

If you haven't really notice it before, here's another glance of this picture from the classic anime Cardcaptor Sakura... Though the anime maybe pure at times, there are some things in which are not notice and long forget about it. So in any case, something is very wrong with this picture and if you do see it, you'd know what I do mean. It just catches you off guard when you least expect it. Still yet to know what's wrong with this picture? Watch closely or ask someone else to help you spot the problem...

Monday, 18 January 2010

J's Chimes: Anime Girls

Spotted this on the internet. The person who made this really took a lot of time putting them altogether. Seriously animes are not without girls, else not much of an attraction if ya know what I meant... Anyway, can you actually name all of them for the animes you've watch? A test to see if ya know your stuff and that whether you're qualify as an otaku of sorts... For me, there are 6 characters in this entire group that I do not know of. What about you?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

J's Chimes: New Studio Desktop

My new computer had finally arrived last Friday and am so eagerly waiting to set it up for use. Had to disconnect the wires and stuff for my previous computer before I could actually make way for the new computer. Nevertheless it took me more than 4 hours just doing so because of the numerous wires and plugs behind...

The first thing I'd open up would be the new cpu which is so darn heavy. A sense of excitement engulfed me as I started assembling them all up. It definitely looks so much different from my previous computer and pack a punch with its modernised look and professionalism.

In comes the monitor and it's so much bigger than the previous as seen in the photo. Somehow, the old computer seems inferior and lonely now. It's a good thing I've bought a new table for it or else I would not have enough space for both computers.

Setting it up is seriously a challenge as the wires and plugs exceeded what I think it is... Check out this power point and socket and you'd see what I mean. Entangling wires and such are a big problem and had to tie them all up as much as possible... Been setting it up past the 6 hour mark and seriously fatigue sets in greatly. A one man show is tough...

Finally got everything in place and began putting the miscellaneous stuff on the table. Now my room looks so much like an office... Seriously if ya begin comparing them, there's so big a difference after 5 years using my old computer. Lastly, I'd began setting up everything into place.

First time I'd do? Installing game of course! And L4D2 is first on the list. It's incredibly amazing and the graphics are so good and clear that I couldn't believe this is actually happening... My new computer has finally come! After the 7 hr mark, I began installing various programs and do backup for my previous computer to transfer the data to the new computer... It sure is tough as it's already midnight at 2am... Days will never be the same again and am looking forward to updating J's Chimes with the new computer... hopefully am able to solve the resolution problem...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

J's Chimes: Resolution Problems

Received my new computer just yesterday and after fixing it all up and view the blog, the resolutions for the pictures are really bad... lol. guess my previous computer was pretty old. The resolution for J's Chimes to display properly would be 1024 x 768 and below. As for the resolution problem, would try to fix it up once I've finished setting up my new computer. More about the setting up in the coming post.

Friday, 15 January 2010

J's Chimes: Random Manga Strips

Sometimes you could read some short manga strips that are over the internet that are funny and cute. Stumbled upon this and it's really... funny. Maybe you should try it on real-life but may have the opposite effect on girls who dislike such... Well in any case just read the strip to find out more.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

J's Chimes: Animes And Toilets

Love anime so much that you'd just had to have one wallpaper of your favorite character pasted on the walls to keep you calm and do your stuff with ease? Now I could understand why that guy chooses the one not wearing Well in any case, this is certainly a imaginative concept just to give you some pretty wild thoughts about how anime can actually be used for various purposes other than what it originally were. That's a cute looking funnel urinal too if I do say so myself... If Singapore does this too, imagine what the kids and the public might say...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

J's Chimes: Ecchi In Animes

No matter what animes which you watch, there would definitely be at least 1 ecchi moment in it. Take for example the famous anime Bleach also does have a moment whereby Yoichi unveils herself from a cat to a woman in front of Ichigo. Such are that of Japanese culture but at times they are good in blending such with comedic moments to make you forget about what it actually is for example the male protanganist getting slapped after seeing some girls naked etc. Sometimes it's just hard for others to understand and even think its perverted but thats what animes are and that since many H games have become anime, I don't see why it shouldn't be too.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

J's Chimes: Final Fantasy VIII

And so Final Fantasy VIII is out for quite awhile now and Game Shops everywhere are showing trailers of this game, attracting people to watch and ogled at it. Seriously the graphics are tremendously nice and so is the fantasy world the game is in. Am so tempted to buy a PS3 just to play this but then again it all boils down to money. Anyway check out this cool trailer that would make you wanting for more...

Monday, 11 January 2010

J's Chimes: Omamori Himari

This season's anime is kinda interesting and plenty to look forward to. Another anime which catches my attention is Omamori Himari. This anime definitely has a couple of concepts and storyline taken from various animes previously. Some similarities would anime like from Maburaho (3 Girls and their personalities), Spice and wolf (Ears!), Nyan Koi! (Cat allergy), 11 Eyes (Sword welding girl and monsters), Kanokon (Forceful, Tayutama (Spirits and stuff), whew... Anyway this is one nice anime to watch and pump yourselves up for the New Year ahead. More info can be viewed here.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

J's Chimes: Baka To Test To Shokanju

Baka To Test To Shokanju or translated as Idiot and Test and Summoned Beast, is a new anime that caught my attention this season which is so comedic that I just had to watch this over. It's a story about exams and such and those who did well will study in comfort whereas those who did well will study in a run-down classroom with broken amenities. However, classes can issue challenges against each other and winners can swap classrooms as a reward. Lol, if classes are like that everyday, things would get pretty intense and interesting. A seriously must watch anime this season. Check out the website at for more info.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

J's Chimes: A Cosplayer's Story

Finally completed subbing this documentary and had uploaded it on Youtube. I would like to thank YY for recording and setting the timings for the subtitles. In this episode of My World My Blog, we look into the story of a girl and her cosplaying dream. The video is split into 3 parts because of Youtube's limitations. To turn on the subtitles, click on the arrow icon on the bottom right of the screen. Click on 'CC' when the icon pops up.

Part 1 of My World My Blog

Part 2 of My World My Blog

Part 3 of My World My Blog

So next time ya watch people cosplay and stuff, you really should appreciate the hard work and effort put into making those and all the pains along the way. Seriously, think before you start criticizing about one's costume without getting the facts right. In any case, would also want to make a costume once am done with my studies for this semester.

Friday, 8 January 2010

J's Chimes: Subbing And Translations

I begin to appreciate fan subbers for animes and such more after translating a Chinese documentary show myself till late night yesterday. Seriously, you'd never know how tough it is until you tried it yourself. Even though the show is only about 30min long, it took me 3 hours to complete it. And that does not include editing and inputting it into the show. Titled 'My World My Blog', will be uploading this to my blog and youtube once it's done. So next time you're getting impatient, do not take things for granted that fan subs are slow because they really do put in a lot of effort and no pay for you all to enjoy your animes.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

J's Chimes: Isekai No Seikishi

One of the animes am currently watching and interests me very much is titled 'Isekai No Seikishi'. Sometimes the title is kinda weird because it can mean in English translation as Sexy Alternate World... If you'd love Tenchi Muyo from the past, then this is another one of those animes you'd definitely like to see. Plenty of action and also heart beating moments that will surely make you want to watch more... An episode is around 45 minutes long so its quite a lengthy anime. Watch while you can cause this anime is coming to a climatic stage now.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

J's Chimes: Anticipating Change

Anticipating a new computer which will arrive next week or after. Having been using my old computer for almost 6 years, it's time for a little change and stepping into a far more powerful computer to do my work... and of course, blogging. Bought a Dell XPS 9000 series which includes an i7-960 3.2ghz Processor, 6gb ram, 1.5tb hard drive and 1gb ATI Radeon 5870. A bit of an overkill but for investment wise, should last more than 5 years from now. Hopefully can get it asap and then can play quality games on a 24 inch HD monitor too... lol.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

J's Chimes: Go Green

A New Year, a new edition outlook for J's Chimes. Blog's a little dull so whipped up some new background for main page. Just like the previous Christmas edition special, J's Chimes is constantly changing to get some spice out of one's life. In this New Year, major changes will be taking place and pretty soon will the website in time to comes so stay tune...

J's Chimes: My World My Blog

A documentary show titled 'My World My Blog' which aired every Thursdays on Channel U at 9.30pm will be talking about Cosplays and such in the next coming episode. J's Chimes will definitely be recording it and upload the show onto my blog. It talks about our passion for cosplay events and the life of cosplayers who would face criticism and rejection from the general public and family members or friends. Guess it would be dedicated for people like us who love events such as these... a definite must watch and preparing for it.

Monday, 4 January 2010

J's Chimes: Back To School

Time flies when you are having fun and once again the holidays are gone in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow is the start of the New Year in school. Now clearing up all the miscellaneous stuff needed to prepare myself. Hopefully can get it done asap so I can get back home quick to watch a couple of drama

Sunday, 3 January 2010

J's Chimes: Your Phone My Phone

Knowing that we all love anime and going to great heights decorating it on various things to listening to anime music, the next best thing would be to look to the phones. Is your phone wallpaper anime too? Well I guess for those who already has a girl or boyfriend would definitely put your lover's photos ya? The New Year has come and had decided to change a new phone. The LG new chocolate caught my attention and there you have it... More info here.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

J's Chimes: Negotiations With Mahjong

One of the most epic randomness animation that surprises me this year. Reform without wasted draws - The Legend of Koizumi is an exaggerated political anime that uses current issues and resolving it with a game of mahjong... Yes indeed. The battle is between North Korea and Japan and somehow or rather, the president appears to play mahjong... The Taepodong missile also comes into the play which keeps me thinking whether this anime would spark problems in future though it's just a parody. Anyway please watch and judge it yourself.

Friday, 1 January 2010

J's Chimes: Happy New Year

J's Chimes wishes all a very Happy 2010 New Year. Time really flies when you're not noticing it and having fun. Hopefully there would be more happenings in the near future and of course better animes to watch...