Monday, 31 May 2010

J's Chimes: We Want To Love Too...

Attended my friend's wedding dinner last Saturday and I must say that this has been the second wedding dinner I've been to in my life and had learn a couple of things about life from it. Unlike anime that we see and feel, sometimes reality is kinda harsh and hits back on you pretty hard as you struggle hard to pursue your path ahead of you and finding someone who loves you the way you are. This is especially so for geeks like us who loves anime and stuff which some may despise and condemning it. The fact is that we are all still humans and we do love too. Such are especially so upon watching much of love and romance animes that made your heart skip and hoping the best in life.

While such are only fantasies, such animes give us hope, the emotions and the feelings never before felt by people who do not have a girlfriend before. And these are some of the uniqueness that draws me to anime more than soap operas or real life drama series. It's especially so because animes have a special something that attracts people and expressions that easily tell what they are feeling. What ever the case, animes brought about hope for ronery people. But of course not to the extend of marrying it but rather as a companion to keep you entertained.

Last but not least, I believe people should watch a couple of animes to understand what it actually is about instead of avoiding it like a plague it is... Thankfully, the younger generations are picking up this trend and the anime industry in Singapore is definitely growing. Was hoping to find someone who loves and will accept this hobby... Animation bonds people together, much so to fans of similar interest. Only then will we be able to cherish each other not in a world of fiction, but in reality and living life to the fullest.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

J's Chimes: The Shocking Truth About Animators

A shocking truth is being revealed to the public when research is done to find out just exactly how much Japanese animators are paid for their hard work. Animators are paid slave wages for drawing the animations, characters and tracing for a mere 200 yen per hour for 1 pathetic piece. It is been said that even a burger flipper working in Mcdonald's gets at least an hourly wage of 1000yen. Such comparison shows that even an unskilled job like that beats being a skilled animator that draws wonderful animes we see on tv.

With the plight of these poorly paid animators, their woes are even greatly increased as more of these animations are being outsource to other countries to finish the work with cheaper production costs and twice as fast. Such brings to the point that animations will be slowly diminishing in Japan, which could bring about the collapse of anime in futures to come which originated from Japan.

The average annual salary for animators and such are as stated below:

Animator (Animation) = 1,050,000yen = SGD$16,228 per year
Animator (Illustration) = 2,300,000yen = SGD$35,547 per year
Artists = 2,320,000yen = SGD$35,856 per year
Performers = 3,330,000yen = SGD$51,466 per year
Directors = 4,950,000yen = SGD$76,504 per year

With figures like this, its no wonder animators are often struggling with their lifestyle. A mere $1300 per month is not even enough to survive in Singapore, let alone Japan. With many wants and needs, desires and attractions, such contributed to the low birth rates in Japan and with such meager salary, one could only wonder how to get on with life resisting many temptations. Hopefully such are being reviewed and changed so that animators are appreciated for their job as they did it out of passion instead of the money, which we should really salute them for all their hard work...

Saturday, 29 May 2010

J's Chimes: Top 10 Lucky Guys In Anime

Today's the final day of my reservist in the army and am probably celebrating it outside now with my friends in camp. And nevertheless, am finally back too to blog more interesting stuff herein. With that, let's take a look at the top 10 most lucky guys in anime I'd believe would be. You'd be so happy and living in a life of paradise if you're one of these characters here...

1. Hanaukyo Maid Tai

The most fortunate guy in which I believe and would love to be him would definitely be Tarou Hanaukyo from the anime Hanaukyo Maid Tai. Being the master as appointed by his rich grand uncle, Tarou lives in a large mansion served by hundreds of maids on his beck and call. Even taking a leak in the toilet, you'd be serve by maids opening your fly and directing your gun at the toilet bowl... Not to mention helping you bathe or sleeping with you in a much very exciting manner...

2. Princess Lover

Once again, another anime in which the protagonist is suddenly being made a rich kid and enjoying it... Kobayashi Teppei from the anime Princess Lover is certainly a character many people dream to become. I mean who wouldn't want to be in love with beautiful princesses and idols from around the world? Sometime it just pay to be rich... Reality is painful at times...

3. To Love Ru

Yuki Rito just don't understand how lucky he is to have met Lala from the planet of Deviluke, one of the most beautiful princess of the entire galaxy. What's more, with all the girls around him and always getting into embarrassing moments, I think he'd be grateful more instead of being so unhappy about girls affecting his daily lifestyle. Seriously, if a girl would to appear naked on your bed, what would you do man?

4. Shuffle!

Suddenly, the God's and Demon's daughter become candidates of your future bride. Tsuchimi Rin can choose to marry either after getting to know them better in this eroge turned anime titled Shuffle!. With school life just as lively and being popular with the girls, everyone wants to have such wonderful high school days too. Being charismatic is nice~especially with the girls.

5. Nagasarete Airanto

Trapped on an island? How about an island full of girls who'd desperately needs a guy as a partner. Being the only guy on the island, Ikuto from the anime Nagasarete Airanto is being stalked and surrounded by girls wanting to have a relationship with him. I guess being stranded on an island like this ain't so bad at all... Now you do not need to worry about not finding a girlfriend anymore even being an introvert and all... Once again, reality hurts...

6. Isekai No Seikishi

Once again, being a popular guy whose strength is admirable and able to get in favor with the girls is another character many people envy... Kenshi from the anime Isekai No Seikishi is no doubt the copy of the previous anime done by the same company known as Tenchi Muyo. Kenshi's charisma has brought about many girls around him to his attention and would probably be in love with him just as being told in the anime. Imagine being in an alternative world and becoming popular in it.... Never would I want to return to the real world already after that...

7. Hand Maid May

the girls around the protagonist in this anime are mostly robots, but who the heck could withstand such temptations from robots who looked and feel so life like... Not to mention, they could even love and act like a normal human being who could be a replacement for the real thing to all ronery guys. Seriously if such were to be produce, it would be a double edge sword for all humankind alike. However if you'd look into the prospects of it, many guys would be happier... Who wouldn't want a partner to love them back as much as they too?

8. Tokimeki Memorial Only Love

Aoba Riku from the anime Tokimeki Memorial Only Love is also another lucky guy to have met girls one after another after being transferred into this unique school. Imagine being hooked up with the school idol and pretty girls in high school... err, you'd get the picture... How I wish my school life was like that too... once again and again,reality is a cruel thing... That's why animes give us these fantasies to think about and fills up void we do not have experience before.

9. Ichigo 100%

Another one of those school days anime in which many desires to have... Ichigo 100% tells the tale of manaka Junpei in search of a girl he saws on the roof with Ichigo Pantsu (Strawberry Underwear). And in the midst of it all, meeting up with 3 other girls in the process... My personal fav is Toujou Aya though Satsuki is one of the popular characters in this anime. Whatever the case, this guy sure is lucky...

10. Love Hina

Lastly, Love Hina is still the classic Harem anime whereby its protagonist Urashima Keitaro gets into many awkward situation with the girls living in a bathhouse. From a complete geek to a successful and matured guy, Keitaro has seen through various heart-pounding events, nosebleeds and also weird situations in almost every turn... One of the animes that gives me plenty of encouragement when my morale's low.

And so here are my top 10 most lucky guys in anime. Then again there are plenty of such animes around, from Tenchi Muyo to even the latest anime like Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou. Such animes are normally ecchi in its genres but such are mostly popular because such are what fans love in the anime industry. Watchng such could bring smiles and laughter to make your day ahead...

Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 12 Outside The Army: Getting Back On Track

Today's a public holiday and finally am able to spend the whole day watching the animes that I've missed out for the past week or so... Games have never been so much fun right now after about 2 weeks in the Army. Tomorrow is also the last day of service to my country and will once again be free to blog more interesting stuff for your viewing needs. For now, it's time for me to kick back and catch up with the times...

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day 11 In The Army: Controllers From Hell

Game Controllers in the past commonly has only 5 basic buttons for games. These includes the directional buttons, select and start buttons and the A and B buttons. However the case, some controller manufacturers take things overboard and created a controller so complicated, it looks directly out from a space-age equipment used on a super classic 8-bit console like the Atari or Nintendo Genesis. One of them is as seen above where the controls are mounted on a glove... Was wondering how you'd play games with just one hand though

And in second place goes to this industrial looking controller that seems like it's a tool for industrial uses than a normal controller. Wonder what's with the wires... looks pretty pathetic too...

A little too awkward for a controller but it mimics a steering wheel or sorts... However, try playing your RPG game or Action and Adventure games with this and you'd realise just how strange this handles...

I have no idea what's with the screen but looks kinda redundant for a bulky controller like this... looks like an oversize MP3 player of the past... If there is one to begin with.

Somehow or rather, it makes you ponder why the directional pads need to be made this big... For more maneuverability? Or person for someone whose hands are so large they'll need a bigger pad for playing? Doesn't make sense for the directional pad to be this big and the other buttons to be so small...

And finally, a controller which looks like a Wii controller certainly doesn't handle as well as it should be... trying playing it when the A and B buttons are below the direction buttons... Plus, this isn't a sensor type like the Wii and certainly doesn't work if ya tilt it horizontally...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Day 10 In The Army: Pi Pi Pizza To To Toppings

One of the most addictive chorus for a Pizza commercial with an animation twist. And a ronery ending to make up for the funny start... Makes me crave for Pizza too but what the heck, still in the army eating rations... Well, just 3 more days then will talk about that soon enough.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 9 In The Army: Ancient Adult Books And Art

Firstly if ya ever feel offended by the artwork, please do not read this post. Else this is actually part of a erotic book as written and drew in the past. Such artwork dates back many centuries ago and known as Shunga, which flourished during the reign of the Tokugawa Shogunate... Think was sometime in the Edo Period... Interstingly, artists in the past have unique ways of expressing such cases of relations in the form of such art that is rarely seen now... Probably because 2D anime is more moe....

Interestingly, tentacle porn or rape by monsters are already been depicted in ancient artwork and books dated centuries ago... And thus had become what it is today... Strangely, such fetishes had dated many centuries back and brought forth into something new as we see today where many thinks its taboo and sorts.

I guess Eroges and such have a seriously long history in which little people would know... probably because there are new medias of such to educate people about these things... Somehow or rather, ancient artworks have a strange way of communicating such things with weird expressions and positions to get you wondering why such are deemed nice in the past. Who couldn't agree more that anime is Advancements, advancements, advancements...

Monday, 24 May 2010

Day 8 In The Army: Chintendo Vii

In the very case you long forgotten the ever so fake replica of the Nintendo Wii, here comes the Chintendo Vii... An ultimate gaming console that will surely provides you with a new gaming experience. However with a new twist, the game's kinda like a 16 bit arcade game found in gaming consoles from the 1980s or so...

And of course here's the real and genuine commercial of the Nintendo Wii as per compared with the ever so wonderful and flavorful commercial as done above by the Vii... Gaming console however don't really catch my attention as much now as have somewhat totally lost interest in it... Be spending more time with my computer instead as it does pretty much more stuff than a console... Not to mention blogging and all...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day 7 In The Army: Photo Sessions With Scale Models

The new Canon EOS 550D that I've bought a few months ago was the best gadget anyone would have to take stunning photographs otherwise not able to capture with just a small digital camera I'd previously owed. Whats so amazing would definitely be its 18 Megapixel which dominates almost all digital cameras around... speaking of which, the focusing is seriously sharp on close range where none of my old cameras would work when taking shots like this above...

Playing around and taking snapshots of every little thing I could find at home and also my favorite models too. One of my favs was Mina from the anime Getsumen To Heiki Mina and the ever so popular drama series called Train Man... Was totally sold out after just a few days and am glad to get this model though...

Took lots of photos but am not gonna flood my post with that many photos though... Lightings really does play a part in taking good photos in which somehow or rather my house doesn't really have during night shots... But am pretty happy wth the results the camera has brought about. The EOS 550D is also heavily advertised and promoted by Canon and is a sponsor for the Youth Olympic Games 2010 this coming year... Hopefully, there would be more sales for camera lenses so that may buy a better one for more photo-taking sessions...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Day 6 In The Army: Anime Touch To ANA Airlines

The All Nippon Airways promotes their Airlines with a seemingly anime touch and feel to it to attract anime fans like me to fly Japan by ANA. Dunno what the heck's with the fairy tale kinda thing with Mozart and Princesses like characters but somehow it's kinda cool. One of the many reasons why anime captures the hearts of people with its creativity and unique way of presenting things to their audiences... Wished I'd go Japan one of these days...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Day 5 In The Army: Miku Strap

Bought this Hatsune Miku Strap in Kareshi Kanojo No Mise at Sunshine Plaza when shopping for my friend's Birthday at A87 Cafe in my previous post. Being a fan of Miku and all, this definitely caught my attention and in no time at all, it is hanging in my cart.

With that comes the photo-taking session with my Figma Miku, with her delighted look at her very own strap... Guess it's just too valuable to use and now it's back in my plastic wrapping for safe keeps... Somehow or rather, I'd have the impulse on using it but am afraid it gets all dirty and black... Wanted to use it for my Canon EOS 550D too but guess it looks pretty fragile for a safety strap... Hope to see it again soon once am back from the army...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Day 4 In The Army: IPAD or ITA-PAD?

Somehow or rather, it will bound to come... A company named Chocolate Shop Float has ITASHA the body of an IPAD with a seemingly beautiful original artwork. Am so wanna get one for myself but due to a hole in my pocket that's so big, can't until am out of University and working...

The 'ITA' IPAD has its designs on its desktop and Icons too besides the ones on the body. Reminds me of my computer right now but even so, am still in the army maybe counting grasses on the field... so sad. In any case, you can check it out here at

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day 3 In The Army: Virtual Touch...

The ever so popular game everyone was talking about back then was an eroge titled Tech48 where players can use their webcam to move the view in the game with their heads. Now, Teatime has done it again and created a new eroge title Mousousei Kasou Jinkaku Shougai that allows you to use your hands to touch the characters in game... Released on 28 May 2010, this new game lets players to virtually control the hand movement and touch various desirable spots or interact with the characters....

Nonetheless, such awes many fans to have a go at such games once it's out. Having said, it'd probably requires a high performance computer for such a game to work well just as the previous game Real Kanojo by illusion.

here's a little something to oogle about about the powers of technology in a way it benefits humankind in one way or another. 9 more days to find out more about this game once its released...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Day 2 In The Army: Yui's Home

Some guy who has a lot of time in his hands decided to drew up a blueprint and 3D design of Yui's house from the anime K-On! Somehow or rather I'd believe that he or she had probably seen this anime plenty of times to get a rough idea of how the house is like. Amazingly, the details are somewhat stunning if you do compare this picture to the ones in the anime.

The person who drew up this plan also go about designing each and every floor of Yui's house including Yui and Ui's room... Not to mention the living room in full detail. If you'd actually pay more attention to it, the house is somewhat linear in design which is actually in fact really small for a house with 3 storeys and a car porch...

I am pretty much impress by the fact that the person created a blueprint for it. This would probably explain just how small the house is... Like 5m for a living room? Maybe so for a country like Japan where land is expensive in populated areas.

And finally, here's the details of the living room which can also be seen in Episode 5 of K-On! season 2. I wonder if anyone who got all crazy about K-On! have decided to build a replica of Yui's home and live in it... Probably be real cool, and becomes most likely a tourist attraction spot for fans alike...

Monday, 17 May 2010

Day 1 In The Army: Music To Your Ears

By the time you'd read this post, am probably in green and serving the country... Whatever the case, the post has to go on and had somehow scheduled 2 weeks worth of stuff ahead just to be sure in the case am not back home to do so... In any case, Day 1 in the army post will talk about the anime music in which people loved so much and decided to play it on their own... In this case, here's the opening theme song of Clannad After Story.

And this is a video of an awesome musician who plays this song using the Yamaha Electone StageA organ. A stunning professional that I can't help but wanting to see her face so much... makes me wanna sing this song too upon viewing it. What's even more stunning would be the organ which could mimic as any instruments to play this song even without a band of musicians... However, you'd need to fork out at least SGD$16,800 for this organ though. A mini version of it is available at SGD$3300 and am currently looking into getting one of those if I'd had the money... Check it out here at YAMAHA.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

J's Chimes: Back To The Army...

Once again have been called back to serve the country in the Army starting tomorrow till 29 May 2010. Will be scheduling posts for this 2 weeks to make up for the it when am not here to do so. Another sad period for me as I'd have to kiss all my entertainments goodbye. Can't bring a camera phone in nor a laptop to stay connected to the world... Hope that these 2 weeks of training will end asap so June will be a blast for me...

Saturday, 15 May 2010

J's Chimes: End Of A Legend

One of the longest running manga is coming to an end this coming July issue of the Shonen Gangan in Japan. Full Metal Alchemist, currently ranked one of the best top 3 mangas ahead of Naruto, is one of the original big selling titles like Bleach and One Piece that has sold millions of copies worldwide. Such would bring about losses to the industry once the story ended as many franchises or products sold for this series will probably become long gone together with it. While I still have not been able to catch a glimpse of this anime as of yet, I do believe it does have the same appeal as Bleach, One Piece or Naruto that has been attracting fans alike. So it might probably be a big blow to fans too that the series is quickly ending so soon after many years of publication... All things come to an end and we will just need to move on and hopefully something big will once again revive the industry once again...

Friday, 14 May 2010

J's Chimes: What Constitutes A Good Cosplay

I love cosplay. To me, it is a creative way of expressing yourself and your hobby for others to appreciate. However, there are still not many people adopting this new trend yet in Singapore and often thinks that these things are childish and naive. The fact is that people cosplay to pay tribute to their favourite animes and are fans of it too. Cosplay is something I'd wanted to try and will attempt to participate at least once in my lifetime. What constitutes a good cosplay? Here are the 10 tips that I've came out with that are somewhat critical if you are aiming to please your audience.

1. Your Appearance And Looks
Whatever the case, your looks are still one of the most important factors to think about when cosplaying as your favourite character. This includes your physique and your face, whether you'd be suitable to cosplay as the character you wanted. It would be awkward of you to cosplay as a character that doesn't suit you both in looks and appearance in particular and you'd might ended up as a lost sheep in the middle of the crowd. Choose one that suits you best or work towards it by pumping lead to get the physique you wanted so as to impress the audiences.

2. Your Makeup
In many cases, cosplayers in Singapore do not really use makeups as much as those in Japan. Makeup is considered one of the most important preparatory tools in cosplaying. It is especially so to cosplayers dressing up as their favourite female anime characters because makeup gives not only the confidence to be on the runway, but also covers up spots or marks that might affect your cosplay in some ways. Makeup also helps you attain the features or looks that the anime character has that you wanted.

3. Making, Wearing And Displaying Your Costume
Probably the reason why you wanna cosplay. Making the costumes can be hard but rewarding once it is done. Some considered renting them from stores or bought it online. However the case, anyone who spent their time making them, buying the items needed for their costumes, planning, etc... are the ones that are truly admirable. Rushing to complete your costume is a bad option as you might missed out on certain problems or details that might affect your cosplay.

4. Passion And Creativity
It is not easy to make your own costumes. Or rather, you'd need lots of creativity and passion to have the momentum, mood and morale to start making them from scratch. That goes without saying the planning stage, measurements, trial and errors, editing and authoring, testings and correctings and lastly, the making of the costume. If you are passionate about such stuff, it drives you finish it asap. Without such an empowerment, one will give up in the midst or might even be demoralize by the sheer problems encountered when making your costumes.

5. Your Budget
One of the issues that might hinder your cosplay would be the cost of purchasing the materials needed for your costumes. It will often exceed the budget you'd set aside for your costume because of the minor details that you might have missed out in the process of making your costume. If you are on a tight budget, one suggestion is to go looking around for other alternatives of the things you may need for your costumes. For example if you could make a glove instead of buying it, it would cost much lesser. Alternatively, you could buy substitutes or cheaper materials for your costume that is similar to the ones you'd need.

6. Your Cosplay Pose
Cosplayers often neglect coming up with poses that they should make beforehand. In my opinion, cosplayers should think of poses and practice it in front of their mirrors so that they would know what is good and what's not. This is often true because most cosplayers just come up with an awkward that ruins the mood. Your pose is dependent on the character you gonna cosplay as. Take for example Final Fantasy, you gonna pose a look that says 'Cool' instead of a normal gesture with no emotions whatsoever. Come out with something great, and then the photographers will swarm to you.

7. Your Attitude Towards Cosplay
One of the important basic elements of being a cosplayer. A positive attitude towards cosplay sets the mood for the audiences and you. Cosplay is suppose to be a happy and wonderful event where people take photographs and appreciating the works of cosplayers. I've met a seemingly selfish cosplayer who scolds photographers for not asking permissions before taking their photos. Hello?! If that's the case, why are you here then? Must you expect a swarm of photographers to each ask you permission to take your photos in a cosplay event? That girl was quickly condemned then...

8. Your Love For Anime And Stuff
Wouldn't you know it? Almost all cosplayers love animes, else why did they dressed themselves up as characters they love and admire? It all boils down to one thing, it is a hobby. It is a hobby fast expanding from ages 16 to 24 now in Singapore as animes are becoming popular as of late. However am at the generation whereby few of my friends love anime so it's a sad thing and not only they do not understand it, but condemn and criticize it as a childish thing to do. Well, the truth is almost all adults think it that way. Such generations are not expose much to this anime culture and thus the difference between us and them. Your love of anime must be strong to remain adamant that anime is actually a nice hobby, and thus cosplay to offer tribute to it.

9. Take Critism And Move On
Perhaps one of the most crucial thing to think off before turning up in any cosplay event. Is my costume good? How do I look? Am I going to be flame in the forums? Will I be condemned? Seriously I believe that even though a good cosplay constitutes all the aspects am talking about now, one very important trait that cosplayers should have is to be courageous. I envy those doing it because they came to cosplay to enjoy themselves and show all their fruits of labor for the public to appreciate. It doesn't matter if you did badly, so long as you believed in yourself that you did your best and that you have nothing to be afraid of. After all, you are here to enjoy and be yourself. Though criticisms may hurt, move on and do better next time round.

10. Learn And Improve
Finally, after or even before a cosplay event, you'd definitely learn new skills, insights, experience and stuff in the midst of making and displaying your creation. Learn and improve for your next character cosplay. That way, you'd become better as time goes on. Whether it'd be a mistake, problem and stuff, this entire process is a good learning experience. Do things that you can do in your youth before it's too late and regretting it when you are old. After all, you only live life once.

I hope that these 10 tips could help anyone in pursue for becoming better at cosplaying. And for those who don't, you might wanna give it a try and gain a new perspective of it. Hopefully there are many more events coming up in Singapore so that such events could help enlightened people about what cosplay is about.