Thursday, 31 December 2009

J's Chimes: K-On! Season 2 Confirmed

Due to the popularity of the first season of K-On!, season 2 is well under way so fans will probably be getting it next year. Great news indeed and coincidentally had collected the Yui nendoroid just yesterday too. More details at

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

J's Chimes: Nendoroid Yui

Received a call yesterday from a toy shop that my K-On! Nendoroid Yui had arrived and ready for collection. Woot! It's a pity I missed the pre-order for the other K-On! characters though and it seem that the only way to get them is to purchase it directly from other shops that have those in stock (But usually are really expensive than preorder...). Probably be collecting today as am pretty excited about it. More pictures can be seen here.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

J's Chimes: Zettai Maou

What happens when your dad suddenly reveals himself as a real demon lord and your mum a hero on your birthday? Zettai Maou - Boku no Mune-kyun Gakuen Saga or roughly known as Absolute Demon Lord - My Heart Beating School Saga, is a eroge whereby the protanganist is a descendent of the demon lord and attends a special magical school in an alternative world... Developed by the company named Score and released on Dec 25, this game resembles the game and anime known as Koihime Musou because of the alternative world thingy and the massive amount of characters in the game... More info on the game here.

Monday, 28 December 2009

J's Chimes: History Of Anime

A new decade is coming and taking a look back at the history of Japanese animation so far, animes sure have changed a lot ever since. Here's a video for the animes from 1962 to 2001 that started it all. There are plenty of familiar ones you'd know of and were popular classics. Hopefully there were good ones out for new year too.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

J's Chimes: Anime Kamasutra

What happens if anime replaces the positions of kamasutra? Found this interesting picture at Moe Imouto and seems to be a much more friendlier version of letting people know about such things. Includes Japanese Kanji and Romanji of the names of each positions. Love how they drew the characters as it replaces with cuteness that makes you forgot about what it actually is...

Saturday, 26 December 2009

J's Chimes: EOY 2009

And so the day has come... The End Of Year Cosplay Event 2009 starts today from 10am to 6pm at the National Library Singapore. Here's a little video for more info about the event. Sadly, I will not be attending it because of other commitments (And of course the entry fees...). Hopefully some good soul post their photos on flickr or photobucket for us to view asap...

Friday, 25 December 2009

J's Chimes: Merry Christmas!

J's Chimes wishes all anime fans a very Happy Merry Christmas! May all our wishes come true and hopefully the new year would be a better year for everyone of us. Cheers!

J's Chimes: End Of Year Cosplay 2009

The End Of Year Cosplay Event Singapore will begin tomorrow at the National Library located near Bugis. With special guest Yui Makino for the concert performances, the voice actress for the animes Tsubasa Chronicles and Aria. Tickets would be $12 for entry fees and $49 for the concert. Still considering whether to go or not... need more time to ponder...

J's Chimes: Zettai Kareshi

A live action drama for Zettai Kareshi Christmas Edition Special will be aired tonight on Channel U Singapore. Adapted from a manga by Yuu Watase, this add-on episode about Christmas would be for those ronery people out there during this time of year.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

J's Chimes: A Christmas Edition

It's Christmas Eve and am guessing many are out doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Getting presents ready for tomorrow, a fine dinner or a romantic date out to watch the beautiful lights at Orchard Road Singapore. For the likes of J's Chimes, it's always been an ordinary day to me. Even so to celebrate this festive season, I've decided for a little makeover for this special occasion. And to many of you out there, wishing you a very Happy Merry Christmas!

J's Chimes: Ronery Christmas

Hijacked from Sankaku Complex, looks like its gonna be another ronery Christmas once again without a girlfriend to celebrate for you... :(. In any case, Christmas has become too commercialise that people now tend to even forget or not know what Christmas actually is... Which is a sad thing indeed. Once again it becomes an ordinary day with nothing to look forward to... Hopefully I'd just buy a cake like what this guy did and eat and sob at the same time... Happy Merry Christmas...

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

J's Chimes: New Workstation

Bought a new workstation for my desktop and it arrived yesterday. Woot! Had to spent at least 4 hours to setup my computer again because of the many connections and wires below :( . Whew... Getting ready for the coming year and a nice workstation to update my blog too. J's Chimes is getting bigger everyday and hopefully will continue to posts till who knows when...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

J's Chimes: Weird And Cold Season End Animes

Though this season animes are good, there are a couple of animes with weird endings and some which are cold and bloody. Some of the animes with weird endings are Kampfer and Nyan Koi! while animes that reached climatic stages with scenes of gore and death includes 11 Eyes, Darker Than Black, The Sacred Blacksmith, etc. Whatever the case, this season anime has almost come to a closure and new animes are coming up pretty much next week or so. Hopefully the genre changes into something better to prepare for the coming new year.

Monday, 21 December 2009

J's Chimes: Aki Sora Is Bold And Ecchi

Recently aired was an anime titled Aki Sora. Adapted from a manga by Itosugi Masahiro, it's made into an anime OVA for some reason or another. This anime surprises me to the extend that I had to lower down the volume in order to keep watching because it can be considered a hentai anime in which I didn't expect until the scenes came out of nowhere. Interestingly, the manga and anime story had a slight difference and the anime female character resembers Horo from Spice and Wolf because the same director created this... In any case, this anime is getting kinda interesting because of the taboo relationship between brother and sister. Kinda complicated but animes are exciting that way...

Sunday, 20 December 2009

J's Chimes: Singapore!

In the latest episode of Seitokai No Ichizon, a surprising and unexpected animation of our country Singapore has appeared in this anime. This has got to be the first anime that has Singapore in the animation, and funny to boot. The way they drew the Merlion, the background and our flag sure is nostagic and interesting. Visit the anime website at to know more.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

J's Chimes: Avatar

If you have yet to watch Avatar, now is the time to book your tickets immediately to watch it asap. The visuals are really stunning and nice with an appropriate story too. Seriously this is well worth the money because it also runs 2hr 40mins long. Fans of Warcraft to Starcraft would definitely love this movie because this fantasy world takes your breathe away. In any case, this is a nice movie to watch overall for this end of year before Christmas.

Friday, 18 December 2009

J's Chimes: 30k Hits

J's Chimes have reached 30,000 hits as of date from 7 November 2007. Seriously didn't expect the blog to last that long but it did somehow. Anyway thanks again for visiting this website. Truly without your support, I'd never have the encourage and determination to continue on blogging till the end of days. Hopefully, I'd not run out of interesting things to blog in future... lol.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

J's Chimes: Watch Anime Listen Anime

Yup, love listening to anime songs and such. Would listen everytime I'd go out, especially useful while in buses and trains because it gets too bored after a long journey. Helps to forget about the time for traveling too. Would love to go to a karaoke shop to sing but don't have much friends interested though lol (They probably don't sing Japanese). To enjoy your music, it's best you'd get yourself a nice mp3 player and ear piece so that you'd get the bass and tone you wanted. Different players sound differently and is especially so for the ear pieces so get a good one instead!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

J's Chimes: Mobile Blogging

Sometimes am totally out of stuff to blog and would bring my laptop out to some place to chill like Starbucks to Gloria Jeans to blog and get some inspiration. Pretty free nowadays because of the holidays and would go exploring and such, taking photos and finding new things to do and learn. Hopefully I could save enough to buy myself a Nikon D5000 and since I'd love photography a lot, this would be a great asset to carry around.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

J's Chimes: Digging Up Old Animes

Before I watch animes online or stream videos, I'd bought them at local video shops. The problem with such was that their quality are really bad and not to mention the subtitles. Once you've learn Japanese, you'd realise that it's not to standard. The cover designs for the anime are rather classic too and you'd know that it's a rip off from the original lol. Anyway, had been storing them in my et ever since and have been digging up some old animes to watch recently. Brings back memories. El Hazard The Magnificient World is still one of my favourites.

Monday, 14 December 2009

J's Chimes: Season End

As 2010 approaches, this season animes are coming to a closure and many of which are already at their climatic stage. Hopefully the coming season animes will be good too for the next coming year... Anyway, am kinda surprise that had watched so much animes up to now. Probably more than a thousand if I do say so myself... Anyway, watch them asap before the next line of anime comes late December this year.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

J's Chimes: Manga To Anime

There have been a lot of mangas that turned to animes in recent years and popular ones like Naruto to Bleach have been continuing ever since. One current anime that catches my eye would be Kimi Ni Todoke which has been aired this season and would be approaching its season end pretty soon. This anime tells a story about a girl who is rumored to have supernatural powers that could harm people but in fact, she's a person with a good heart and was later brought out by a guy she meet and soon fell in love with. One of the nicest romantic stories I watch. Visit the website at for more info.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

J's Chimes: Zombieland

Left 4 Dead fans will gonna love this movie Zombieland which currently shows in cinemas now. A couple of similarities have been spotted in the movie and the game itself. The most obvious one would be the poster design of this particular movie with L4D. Similar scenario settings include a highway traffic jam and theme park as in the Dark Carnival Campaign in L4D2. The supermarket, and of course the weapons which includes the uzi and shotgun. Overall it would be a nice movie to watch and would rate a 7.8/10 for the overall. Check the website at for more details. All fired up to play Left 4 Dead 2 now lol...

Friday, 11 December 2009

J's Chimes: SOYB 2010

Besides the upcoming EOY Cosplay Event, Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore is also organising SOY'B' or Start Of Year 'B' Cosplay Event on the 30th January 2010. Entry Fee ranges from $3 for pre-order to $5 for entry on that day itself. Last year's location was a bit of a let down because of its location wise and few cosplayers around. Hopefully it'll be better next year. For more details, visit the website at

Thursday, 10 December 2009

J's Chimes: Manga Mania

I was an avid manga reader during my younger days. Even till now i still read mangas but in a different way than before. That's because of storage problems with this much stack of books to keep. Thus would wrapped them up with ziplock bags to prevent ageing of the books. But now I read my mangas online in websites like, or since they are free with translations to boot too as I suck in reading it in chinese. My very first was Love Hina and soon after got addicted and reading other genres then. With e-mangas, storage problems are totally non-existence other than your hard drive.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

J's Chimes: Cosplay Truth

The thing about cosplays are to showcase your talents and displaying your costumes to people. They also act as tributes to cosplayers favourite animes which they watxh and like. Sometimes reality can be an ugly thing and if you're 'not in a perfect condition' to cosplay, many people will start critising through forums and such. Sometimes these are the barriers that kept me from making my Gundam Zaku Costume like will I be able to meetup with people's expectations or will it be good and such. My designs are up but the making part would be tedious and might not turn up well for events. Currently still pondering what to do...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

J's Chimes: Hatsukoi Or First Love

The song first love or Hatsukoi is yet again used in the recent anime Sora No Otoshimono ending theme for episode 9. Forgot who sung this song but definitely not the one by Utada Hikaru. It was pretty popular during the days when was young and even had a cantonese version of it in a Stephen Chow's movie.

The previous anime that uses the song Hatsukoi as the opening theme is none other than Boys Be. Released in the year 2000, this is a classic that I'd frequently watched with my VCR a couple of times when young. Went hunting for the song after than and after much pains finally found it... One of the best romantic animes that time. Makes me wanna watch again now...

Monday, 7 December 2009

J's Chimes: Framing Up

Can't get the posters ya want for framing up in your room? Scrolls or wallpapers costs a bomb? Make your very own using the old fashion way... Buy a stack of Photo Glossy Paper and a good printer to do the job. Sometimes its always best to D.I.Y. stuffs in your own room. Previously did a Hatsune Miku Clock and now since its the holidays, its best to put creativity to use. Adore this picture very much and currently hanging at the back of my desktop. Notice that most of them are Tony Taka's works as I really like his drawings.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

J's Chimes: Bolder And Darker

Kampfer is a story about girls wielding 3 different types of weapons; Zauber, Schwert and Gewehr, from the powers of the bracelet given to them by the moderators. However, the main protoganist who is a guy, receives that power too but turns into a girl when using it. With that they would need to fight against the enemies. Kampfer is a comedic and ecchi anime that's addictive to watch but begins to move into the more bolder (Ecchi-ness) and darker side of the story starting episode 9. I didn't actually expected that Kampfer would become an anime as have been reading the manga before that. Came to me as a surprise as Kampfer only have a few chapters out that time thus the anime has turn into another direction away from the manga. Love the anime nonetheless and so watch it asap before the last 2 episodes are out. Visit the website at

Saturday, 5 December 2009

J's Chimes: Nendoroids

Nendoroids are particularly one of my favourite models around and would display them in transparent cases like this beside my computer. My very first one was Hatsune Miku and soon after I fall in love with this series because its so darn cute. It's about impossible to chase the entire series as more than 100 different types have been produced and you've got to spend at least $5k to follow through all its releases...

Friday, 4 December 2009

J's Chimes: Model Collections

When the new models come in, the display cabinet gets a bit cramp. Thus would often clean and re-arrange the display cabinet to make way for new stuff and retiring the older ones. Started collecting models since 6 years ago and it has certainly grown.

The Top level models are some of the older models around sometimes out of sight because of the height of the cabinet. Includes animes from Magister Negima, Onegai Twins, DOA, Fate Stay Night etc. The Fifth level are some that I would adore much and thus displaying it at the best of the locations to view. lol. Love the Getsumen To Heiki Mina and Queen's Blade a lot.

The Fourth level are some of the best models I like too. From Hatsune Miku to Nagato Yuki and other Figmas and Revoltecs behind in which I would not want display out of its box.
The Third level consist of almost all of the 1/8 and 1/7 scale models in which I had. Particularly like the BOME series models and others around. Includes Evangelion, Full Metal Panic, Tenjo Tenge, etc.

Last but not least the Gashapons and cold cast models are located at the second and bottom level. Loved gashapons during the early years but then I realise that it looks kinda small and messy displaying all of it together so had mostly retired them.

And there ya have it. My Display Cabinet of Scale Models and Gashapons. Bought lots of Merchandises in regards to anime and this is one of my hobbies. Tune in for more stuff that I collect in the next post.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

J's Chimes: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Even the famous chicken is given a new look at different outlets around the world... Well somehow or rather, someone will definitely twist it a little... Like KENPACHI FRIED CHICKEN! Lol, ya gonna love this and it rings a tune too. Speaking of which, Bleach anime is currently still on filler once again so it is much advise to read the manga instead as it's nearing the final fight between Ichigo and Aizen. Read it or you'd probably had to wait for another filler or 2 and another year to completely finished watching Bleach anime... Seriously.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

J's Chimes: New Illusion Game Awes

Stumbled upon this new upcoming 3D galge game by the Illusion company in Japan and it awes.... seriously. The previous games like Sexy Beach 3 by the same company didn't even come close to this so-called next generation type of gameplay and graphics which the models looked so darn real... Ronery guys will be so happy with this new game. The problem with this new game is that you'd need a powerhouse computer to run as smoothly as in this video to enjoy it...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

J's Chimes: What If Animes Become Live Action

What if animes become live action? Well there are some that turns out well like Death Note to 21st Century Boys and Liar Game. Others may completely ruin the image of the anime like the recent Dragon Ball Movie and such. Often in animes that we got to feel the emotions and settings in its storyline but such is less portrayed in Live Action Drama Series to Movies. So in the end animes are still the best... lol. Bet anime fans will say the same too...

Monday, 30 November 2009

J's Chimes: Fairy Tale

If you'd like Groove Adventure Rave, then Fairy Tale would be the next anime or manga that you'd be looking for. Created by the same author Hiro Mashima, this anime is out earlier this season and is currently at episode 7. Watch it and see the resembrance of Groove Adventure Rave and Fairy Tale. More info at

Sunday, 29 November 2009

J's Chimes: A Time To Sigh...

With my exam results coming out soon and back into the Army for re-service, things are getting hectic as usual. But anyway check out this amazing international poses used in almost all animes we see today. Hope the storm is over asap...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

J's Chimes: Next Big Event

The next event to be waiting for would be the upcoming End Of Year Cosplay 2009. This time it's located at the National Library... Weird place for a cosplay event... Anyway, Yui Makino will be this event's special guest and her concert tickets are sold separately from the event. Dunno who she is? Well maybe you would because she's voice actor for Sakura from the anime Tsubasa Chronicles. More info at

Friday, 27 November 2009

J's Chimes: AFA 2009 Closing

Finally, the Anime Festival Asia 2009 comes to an end and in fact it ended last Sunday... The above photo shows all the VIP guests that came to Singapore for the AFA 09 convention. They are from the left: Kaname, Shoko Nakagawa, Ichirou Mizuki, Mamoru Hosoda and Danny Choo. For more info, visit or Back to ordinary day life now... :(

Thursday, 26 November 2009

J's Chimes: Regional Cosplay Competition

The Regional Cosplay Competition was held within the AFA convention and it's finalists includes 6 groups of cosplayers from countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The participating teams includes ST Revolution, Sakai No Gumi, 00 Emotions, Houshin Engi, The Endless Illution and Witchblade. This event is the first in Asia and couldn't get any better to watch it live there. Videos by Hexlord and I hope he wouldn't mind me using it in my

First Team: ST Revolution
I do not know what anime this is from but this script is enacted well from it.

Second Team: Sakai No Gumi
From the anime Lelouch The Rebellion, the group plays a comedic scene of the princess selecting a knight to protect her.

Third Team: The Endless Illution
I believe this is from a game or something but seriously the costume is really detailed and nice. Though the fighting needs to be a little intense so that it's exciting to watch.

Fourth Team: 00 Emotions
The winner of the Regional Cosplay Competition. Seriously the Gundam looks awesome even on screen but the goof-ups causes a few problems here and there. Surprisingly it still didn't stop them from coming in tops.

Fifth Team: Houshin Engi
Really cute and interesting play that makes this team fantastic and nice. It's amazing how they could make the costumes themselves.

Last Team: Witchblade
One of the best cosplays I've ever seen and oh my... are they hot! Got a lot of cheers by the audiences and their script was good. It's a pity they didn't won the competition.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

J's Chimes: Cosplayer Kaname

Besides Danny Choo, Cosplayer Kaname was also invited as a special guest star appearance at the AFA 2009. He's also invited to be one of the judges for the Regional Cosplay Competition that was held on the first day of the convention. This newspaper article was out on the 23 November 2009 which describes how cosplay becomes a part of Kaname's life and interest.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

J's Chimes: AFA Danny Choo

This is the second video in which they broadcast when Danny Choo is dancing on stage. This time its in front of Orchard Ion Singapore. Presenting also the maids from the Moe Moe Kyun Cafe in the Anime Festival Asia 2009. Plus a couple of bystanders taking photos and such...

J's Chimes: Best Little Things In AFA

Among all the sketches on the graffiti wall, this has definitely caught my attention... Anyone who have watch Sora No Otoshimono would be familiar with this scene from episode 1. Darn funny if I do say so myself and its fun to see someone actually drew this on AFA. Makes me wanna watch this anime all over...

Monday, 23 November 2009

J's Chimes: Stuff & Goods Overhaul

I just love animes don't you? Got a couple of freebies here and there and bought some scale models and accessories along the way. They are as listed below:

- K-On! Mio and DGray-Man Lenalee makura
- DGray-Man Lenalee Mini Alarm Clock
- Otacool Worldwide Otaku Rooms Handbook
- K-On! postcard, pictures and file
- Nagato Yuki Wizard Scale Model
- Figma Drossel posable action figure from the anime Fireball
- Shining Wind Nendoroid Kureha
- The rest are all freebies

Nevertheless, I still had yet to open up any of them. lol... been so busy posting and uploading of stuff. Not to mention the tiredness after the 2 day convention... Even so, it's a wonderful event...

J's Chimes: K-On! Live Dubbing

Unfortunately, no photography or video recordings are allowed for the K-On! Live Dubbing Performance on stage. So gotta show these 2 stuff I've bought only. lol... It was disappointing also that the voice actress for Mio is not here too where everyone is eager to hear. Nevertheless it was really fantastic and many audiences cheered for them when dubbing the comedic moments in K-On! Love K-On anime really much because it portrays that friendship is more important than work wise which most of of non-anime friends just didn't get it in reality. Watch the anime here and find out more...

J's Chimes: Weiss Schwarz Live Dubbing

Weiss Schwarz is a new anime to be aired next season, probably near 2010. Originated from a popular card battle game which are sold in Japan, it has even made its way too into Singapore. A live dubbing of certain scenes in episode 1 and 2 of Weiss Schwarz is being perform at AFA 2009 by the actual voice actors all the way from Japan. Looking forward to this new anime.

J's Chimes: Otaku's Otacool

Bought this book immediately on the 1st day as I step into the convention. Cost about SGD$29.90, this book was totally sold out that afternoon and glad that I've bought it. Otacool features worldwide otaku rooms and their hobbies. Really informative and nice. What's even better is that I've got Danny Choo to autograph the book for me! This is the best AFA ever!

J's Chimes: Cosplay Competition & Misc

Here's a short clip for AFA and Danny Choo, followed by the cosplay competition and winner for AFA. Seriously, the competition showcases some of the best cosplayers I've ever seen around asia. Was surprised that our Singapore cosplayer for the Gundam 00 won the special prize and grand prize of a trip for 2 to Tokyo. Love the other cosplays as they are really nice. See more photographs for the cosplay competition on the right sidebar.

J's Chimes: Danny Choo Live On Stage

Danny Choo performs live on stage at the AFA convention with his slick dance moves in stormtrooper outfit! As per last video in which he had filmed at Raffles Place Singapore, another performance was held outside Orchard Ion which was broadcast together when he was on stage. Cut certain parts to zoom video because my camera is not able to zoom while recording video at the same time.... -_-'' In any case, enjoy the performance.

J's Chimes: AFA 2009 Photoshoots

Finally, the photos for the Anime Festival Asia 2009 are up! Managed to upload everything asap for the 2 days. Met Danny Choo too in the convention and just had to take a photo with him... And on both days too! Woot! Somehow 2 smiley faces appear on my face so that I remain unseen... hohoho. Anyway, here are the links to the photos:

Day 1 - AFA Convention
Day 1 - Event Cosplayers
Day 1 - Performances & Competition

Day 2 - AFA Convention
Day 2 - Event Cosplayers
Day 2 - Performances

You can also view the photos by accessing from the right sidebar where the links are located.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

J's Chimes: News On AFA 2009 in Singapore

News about the Anime Festival Asia 2009 Convention had broadcast on the Channel 8 Mandarin News in Singapore at night on the 21st November 2009. Seems like more people got to know about the event now. Watch the video for a preview of the AFA which is held at Suntec City Singapore. My thanks to YY for this video clip.

J's Chimes: An AFA Appetizer

Before the main course of the AFA 2009 is serve, perhaps you all should know more about what's in store for the Anime Festival Asia that was open on the 21 - 22 November 2009. Here's a short introduction of the events and stuff that will be showcase in this convention...

J's Chimes: Eventful Days

These past 2 days of AFA are really eventful indeed. Finally, the Anime Festival Asia is coming to a closure but there are till plenty of things to share with all of you. Excited? Yes am excited too as have lots to share with you all about... Thus am posting a new post every hour starting 22:00hrs about the events and so on. So stay tune for all updates that are coming up in a few hours time...

J's Chimes: Anime Festival Asia - Day 2

Day 1 of the AFA 09 which was held at Suntec City Convention Centre in Singapore was truly a blast. Even took a photo with Danny Choo... Woot! How good will this get? Well, bought lots of stuff here and there and taken lots of pictures and videos to boot! I will upload and post the photos, videos and etc asap once the event ends tomorrow. Gonna get some well earn rest after a long day of walking...

Saturday, 21 November 2009

J's Chimes: Anime Festival Asia Now!!

If you read this post now, it means that AFA has offically started today. Bought the tickets early yesterday and would probably be lining up for entry right about Photos will be posted up asap once am back from the event. Hopefully am able to get what I wanted there. Stay tune for more updates on AFA 09.

Friday, 20 November 2009

J's Chimes: Trooper In Raffles Place

Not many people knows who is Danny Choo... And they definitely would think that it's just another guy in Raffles Place dressed up as a stormtrooper and go dancing around This is really a first in Singapore where Danny dances as normally he would did it in Japan. Check this out. Real cool.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

J's Chimes: Heating Up For AFA 09

Things are really heating up for the upcoming Anime Festival Asia 2009 in Singapore. Seems like Japan's famous blogger Danny Choo has arrived in Singapore already. Remember this place in the photo above? Ya, that's Raffles Place in the central business district in Singapore. Can't believe Danny actually bought his stormtrooper costume along with him lol... Can't wait to see him soon on AFA 09. Tickets out tomorrow in Suntec City so gonna get it asap...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

J's Chimes: Anime Festival Asia In 3 Days Time!

Once again for those who have yet to know, Anime Festival Asia 2009 (AFA 09) is coming back again this 21 -22 November 2009. It's a once in a year event not to be missed. Danny Choo will also be present at the convention along with idols from the cast of the anime K-On!. You can buy tickets on the day itself or pre-order it on the 20th November at Suntec City Singapore. Visit the site at for more info...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

J's Chimes: Left 4 Dead 2 Launches Today

The much anticipated game has once again launches it's latest installment for the zombie apocalypse. Left 4 Dead 2 features more weapons, better graphics and gameplay that will surely make you hungry for more. The game launches just this afternoon at 2.30pm Singapore time and already prepping to unlock my copy of the game too. This is seriously the best as to compare with the first. Visit the website for more info at

Monday, 16 November 2009

J's Chimes: Moments Of Comedy & Ecchi-ness

Once again animators approach to the season of comedy and ecchi-ness which make this season kinda epic with lots of interesting anime to watch during the holidays. Some nice anime this season includes To Aru Kagaku No Railgun, Nyan Koi!, Kiddy Girl-and, Queens Blade Season 2, Seitokai No Ichizon, Kampfer, Sora No Otoshimono and many more... All animes are currently half way through this season so you might just wanna watch it while you still can...