Sunday, 6 December 2009

J's Chimes: Bolder And Darker

Kampfer is a story about girls wielding 3 different types of weapons; Zauber, Schwert and Gewehr, from the powers of the bracelet given to them by the moderators. However, the main protoganist who is a guy, receives that power too but turns into a girl when using it. With that they would need to fight against the enemies. Kampfer is a comedic and ecchi anime that's addictive to watch but begins to move into the more bolder (Ecchi-ness) and darker side of the story starting episode 9. I didn't actually expected that Kampfer would become an anime as have been reading the manga before that. Came to me as a surprise as Kampfer only have a few chapters out that time thus the anime has turn into another direction away from the manga. Love the anime nonetheless and so watch it asap before the last 2 episodes are out. Visit the website at

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