Saturday, 27 March 2010

J's Chimes: Bleach-ed By Hollywood

With sales of its manga on top charts and anime that runs for years and counting, Bleach is now under the watchful eyes of Hollywood. It won't be an anime this time but a live action series set to come under the screens in 2014 by Warner Brothers. With the epic fails and protesters from the popular series Dragonball which was given the same treatment before, I doubt it will be good and bound to have critics and failure reviews from fans.

One of bleach fans questioned about this new movie: 'Will they stick to the Japanese Style for example the coloured hairs and using back the term Zanpakuto? It'll probably be set in a middle class American town. All the Japanese characters will be played by white people and nobody in the movie will find it strange that a bunch of white kids have Japanese names.'

I lol-ed hard at this because it's so true when you take the previous live action series Dragonball as comparison. And here's a fan-made video for such an occasion... and no, it's not out in 2012 as this is just a parody... But if this is true and looks like this, Bleach is leeched hard once again...

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