Tuesday, 7 September 2010

J's Chimes: About Songs

Everyone loves to listen to songs or even music and you 'd be a very dull person if you're not. Thinking deeply, something really do bothers me about songs. What exactly are songs anyway? Song are songs that entertain you and calms you down depending on your mood and music you're playing. However why do writers create songs that are of heartbreaks, hating people, emotional songs that make you more emotional hearing it, etc? Take for example if you just lose your girlfriend and then you played heartbreaking songs, won't that make ya feel worse?

Speaking of which, I really don't have an idea how AniSongs are classified into. As in normal genres or just animation songs. Since some AniSongs are also being sung by Famous artists like Ayumi Hamasaki to Orange Range, I believe that they are but perhaps people still classify them as songs to animes because whenever they would hear it, you'd know that its anime for example popular songs from Bleach like Asterisks. I guess music makes the world go round... Coming this new season are animes with new opening themes. Awaiting with anticipation of new Japanese songs to be added to my playlists...

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