Tuesday, 28 September 2010

J's Chimes: Why You Should Date An Otaku...

Though this is not backup by any statistical charts or polls or anything, I would somehow have to agree with such as it does make sense and such... (Well, on the Otaku point of view...) Otakus are mistaken for their creepy hobbies by the public and are often neglected on the romance side. So here are probably the 10 Reasons why you should date an Otaku in which you should take note of. It may not be at all true but then again it wouldn't hurt to know about it.

10 Reasons why you should date an Otaku

1. Will remember your birthdays, special occasions, etc and will treat it with utmost importance.

2. You can be assured that he would be faithful to his relationship (Except that he only loves anime too. But would you compare yourself to an anime character he likes?)

3. He’ll be delighted with simple things like cooking for him or holding his hand (As in situations that would exist in the anime world)

4. You can avoid being compared to his last girlfriend as he would probably never have one before…

5. You can pursue an innocent romance with him being a novice in a relationship. Seriously if a guy you met knows a lot about dating and stuff, wouldn’t you be worried about his past and the coming future?

6. You needn’t be jealous of other women as most of them are greenhorns when approaching a girl. So you really need not worry about them getting to know more girls…

7. You can dye him your color. In simpler terms, you can have him dress and date how you want. You can even mold him to be what you wanted but of course not forcefully. But surely, they would change for the sake of their partners in which they would hold dearly.

8. You can be sure that he would treat you well because of the fact that it is hard for them to get into a relationship with someone they love easily than others.

9. You don’t have to worry about him cheating on you as he’s likely to take romance seriously so the chances of him cheating are low.

10. It would really be a plus point if you both into the same hobby together. With both into the same passion, bonding will be strong and your relationship would definitely be lasting.

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