Sunday, 28 November 2010

J's Chimes: Tech Is Moe Too!

Putting animes aside, sometimes technological machinery are moe too. Somehow such has also brought about different groups of otaku with different interest in stuff. For example those who like trains and keep them as hobbies are probably called Densha Otaku and those who like anime are called anime otaku, etc. However it might be, strangely they are able to click together discussing about such hobbies rather than those who doesn't have one. War weapons are really nice because of their hardcore design and cool look to it which makes it renegade. If you do play games like Metal Gear Solid or even Call of Duty, you'd truly appreciate what these techs could awe you in many ways than 1.

1 comment:

purutaru said...

but something being moe means you get a feeling of wanting to "protect" that something...

you won't want to do that to a tank - you want to ride in it and unleash hell on your enemies while cackling all the way!!! >:D