Friday, 14 January 2011

J's Chimes: Anime Characters Top 100

The charts are out for last year's top 100 anime characters and surprisingly, much of it goes to either K-On! and Hakuouki. Characters like Suzumiya Haruhi has taken a deep plunge and Kirino from Ore No Imouto is positioned at 28. To view the charts, please click on the picture above to enlarge. Anyway the top 10 position are as follows:

1.) Yui - K-On!
2.) Azusa - K-On!
3.) Hajime - Hakuouki
4.) Souji - Hakuouki
5.) Toshizou - Hakuouki
6.) Mio - K-On!
7.) Kazemaru - Inazuma Eleven
8.) Izaya - Durarara!
9.) Shiro - Inazuma Eleven
10.) Ricchan - K-On!

It is unknown why the usual moe characters are mostly being replaced by male characters in the top 10 position... Perhaps there are more fuyoshi taking the lead soon?

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