Thursday, 20 January 2011

J's Chimes: Itasha Laptops

Tony Taka, a top erotic illustrator who drew for the H games like Sora No Iro Mizu No Iro and Fault! have had his drawings Itasha on Laptops. Costing 150,000 yen or approximately SGD$2346, the specs are more or less sufficient if brought to our country. Comes with 2 designs but would prefer the gothic dress girls a lot more. Tony Taka is also famous for drawings in Shining Wind and it's a shame Xecti wasn't a model in this Laptop Itasha. Well, there are still many ways in which you do get this for cheap... For example printing it out and pasting it on your laptop for the same effect and all or have it done through retail shops which can help print it and make a new cover for your Laptop...

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