Tuesday, 22 February 2011

J's Chimes: Black Rock Shooter

An ordinary day indeed last Saturday for me until I received a mail that had won a prize for a draw and any ordinary kid would just go 'wahhh' in such circumstances. Known as Hobby Frontier, this online shop specializes in selling merchandises like scale models, figurines to anime goodies, etc. It comes as a surprise for me to won something on the net because I never did before in my entire life. Anyway, a special thanks to the people of Hobby Frontier for this amazing prize.

Received it yesterday evening and I must say, it's a little bgger than I would expected it to be. I saw this model being displayed in the Anime Festival Asia X convention held last year and was pretty much drawn by it... But because of its hefty prize tag, there's really nothing I could do unless I decided to crack more of my piggy banks.

Retails at around SGD$150 and above, this cannon version of Black Rock Shooter is probably one of the nicest scale models I'd ever seen. However it makes me ponder whether to get Gold Saw and Dead Master. Like any excited kid, first things first is to open up the box and play with the model...

This 1/8 scale model comes in 5 different parts namely the Rock Cannon, BRS herself, a unique base of a broken chunk of flooring, a chain and an interchangeable hair for her blue flame that runs in her eye. Sometimes its weird that the cannon is even larger than her body size... So how the heck is she able to use it as a weapon?

Had to use a bit of lighting to brighten up the figure for a photoshoot. In this case a warm light from a table lamp I found in storage for a long time... It sure brightens up certain areas alright...

Looks pretty impressive nonetheless and made me photo trigger happy. It's been awhile since there isn't really much anime conventions at this time of year.

For more details on Black Rock Shooter, you could visit their main website here or perhaps in Wiki to find out what it actually is here. There's also a free a 50min anime DVD of BRS if you do purchase GoodSmile's BRS Nendoroid or Figma so you could find out more about it.

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