Thursday, 17 February 2011

J's Chimes: Kaomoji & Emoticons

Emoticons (emotional icons) are used to compensate for the inability to convey voice inflections, facial expressions, and bodily gestures in written communication. Some emoticons are better known as "smileys." Emoticons can be very effective toward avoiding misinterpretation of the writer's intents. In Japan, such emoticons known as Kaomoji Emotions are quite a norm in messages as a better way of expressing one's thought or feelings. Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Some examples are as seen below...

m(_ _)m – I’m sorry. If you look good you’ll see a man nodding his head.

(^_^)/ – I’m excited.

(^_^;) – I’m uncomfortable/embarrassed. A man with a drop of sweat on his face.

(>^_^)> ( ;_;) <(^_^<) – several emoticons together meaning two friends hugging their crying friend, or actually laughing at him.

>_< – Something on my mind.

T_T – crying.

@_@ – puzzled.

=^.^= – a cat.

There are many different variations and types of Kaomoji, some which requires a Japanese Input keyboard to type out the symbols for it. Kaomoji are also commonly use in sites like Facebook or even when talking to your friends. Yup they do originated here....

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