Monday, 23 November 2009

J's Chimes: AFA 2009 Photoshoots

Finally, the photos for the Anime Festival Asia 2009 are up! Managed to upload everything asap for the 2 days. Met Danny Choo too in the convention and just had to take a photo with him... And on both days too! Woot! Somehow 2 smiley faces appear on my face so that I remain unseen... hohoho. Anyway, here are the links to the photos:

Day 1 - AFA Convention
Day 1 - Event Cosplayers
Day 1 - Performances & Competition

Day 2 - AFA Convention
Day 2 - Event Cosplayers
Day 2 - Performances

You can also view the photos by accessing from the right sidebar where the links are located.

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