Monday, 23 November 2009

J's Chimes: Stuff & Goods Overhaul

I just love animes don't you? Got a couple of freebies here and there and bought some scale models and accessories along the way. They are as listed below:

- K-On! Mio and DGray-Man Lenalee makura
- DGray-Man Lenalee Mini Alarm Clock
- Otacool Worldwide Otaku Rooms Handbook
- K-On! postcard, pictures and file
- Nagato Yuki Wizard Scale Model
- Figma Drossel posable action figure from the anime Fireball
- Shining Wind Nendoroid Kureha
- The rest are all freebies

Nevertheless, I still had yet to open up any of them. lol... been so busy posting and uploading of stuff. Not to mention the tiredness after the 2 day convention... Even so, it's a wonderful event...

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