Thursday, 26 November 2009

J's Chimes: Regional Cosplay Competition

The Regional Cosplay Competition was held within the AFA convention and it's finalists includes 6 groups of cosplayers from countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The participating teams includes ST Revolution, Sakai No Gumi, 00 Emotions, Houshin Engi, The Endless Illution and Witchblade. This event is the first in Asia and couldn't get any better to watch it live there. Videos by Hexlord and I hope he wouldn't mind me using it in my

First Team: ST Revolution
I do not know what anime this is from but this script is enacted well from it.

Second Team: Sakai No Gumi
From the anime Lelouch The Rebellion, the group plays a comedic scene of the princess selecting a knight to protect her.

Third Team: The Endless Illution
I believe this is from a game or something but seriously the costume is really detailed and nice. Though the fighting needs to be a little intense so that it's exciting to watch.

Fourth Team: 00 Emotions
The winner of the Regional Cosplay Competition. Seriously the Gundam looks awesome even on screen but the goof-ups causes a few problems here and there. Surprisingly it still didn't stop them from coming in tops.

Fifth Team: Houshin Engi
Really cute and interesting play that makes this team fantastic and nice. It's amazing how they could make the costumes themselves.

Last Team: Witchblade
One of the best cosplays I've ever seen and oh my... are they hot! Got a lot of cheers by the audiences and their script was good. It's a pity they didn't won the competition.

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