Sunday, 6 June 2010

J's Chimes: Motivation To Anime

Everyday that you don't watch anime, Domo-kun eats a kitten... A nice motivational poster to encourage you to watch anime without fail. But seriously, how often do you guys really watched anime and talked about it? Had been watching anime ever since my high school days and what really motivates me to watch them is not really from a hobby or a passion back then. It is from a failed relationship that I've experience and somehow turned to anime for comfort and entertainment. And thus soon then after, anime has become a hobby since then. It is kinda sad watching it alone though and would many times ponder about the past again and again because of this, which is also probably the reason why I love watching romantic genre animes much more than others, take for example Kimi Ni Todoke. In any case, anime has become part of my life and would probably be watching it till kingdom comes. Don't be surprise that in future generations that anime would become something big in Singapore as such are already rapidly picking up pace within the younger generations...

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