Tuesday, 1 June 2010

J's Chimes: Otaku Writes Story For Romance Animes

This is something that intrigues me a lot and had been thinking it ever since I've read the article about it on Sankaku Complex. The question here is, 'how can an otaku who has no love experience be writing a storyline for romance animes in which we watch these days?' Come to think of it, otakus are despise for loving their 2D counterparts more and thus leading to many Japanese females to stay away from them... This is especially so too in Singapore in the age whereby anime is also quite condemned by people aging from 24 and above who doesn't know much about them.

A writer expresses his opinion that otaku cannot write romances as they are sad and lonely creatures with no experience. He also pointed out that otakus should get into real relationships rather than their 2D girlfriends. Though those in 2D are all ideal partners, the writer thinks that such are unrealistic and claims that they can't write anything new without these experiences.
Such has led to many netizens to discuss and backfire him for his unimpressive speech.

Though it does sound logical that Otakus can't possibly write romance, here;s what netizens have a say about such:

- "If you know the real thing you can’t make games and the like.”
- “He’s underestimating the imaginative power of virgins.”
- “I suppose you can’t make an RPG if you haven’t been an adventurer.”
- “A commoner has no qualifications to talk about otaku.”
- “So Konami must employ world class lovers…”
- “A product intended for virgins might as well be made by virgins.”

In my perspective, I'd believe that it's not really about what kind of person you are. Rather, it is about how creative and imaginative you are to be able to write a storyline that eventually captures the hearts of the audiences and become popular, just like the mangas Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or Full Metal Alchemist. The fact that Otakus do not have the experience to write a romance story is true. However this brings about things which you'd least expected in animes alike and are fantasies of what every guys or gals would like to have to be in love and doing things rarely thought of or being done in reality. Thus it brings to the point that such are considered remarkable as not many common people are able to think things out of the box that way. Well, many people have different perspectives of things around us so maybe you too have a different view of things too about such...

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