Tuesday, 24 August 2010

J's Chimes: The differences between 2D and 3D girls

It is seriously interesting the way people made comparisons between getting a real girl and one that is in your computer... However it does have a point or so because it is just so true in a way or another lol. Of course the fact in reality is that everyone would want to have a real life girlfriend for a companion but reality can be a little harsh at times because of how you were born... Basically I believe that a guy needs to have either of these in order to get girls
And they are:

1. Money (The root of all evils. Any girl would fall for you if you are filthy rich. Who wouldn't want to live a life of luxury?)

2. Good-looking/handsome (Despite saying that the heart is what's important, people still look and quickly ranks you on how you look...reality is like that)

3. Strong/Muscular (Some girls just like hunks and strong guys because they feel a sense of security and dependability.)

4. Charismatic (If you are someone who easily mix around, approachable, fun to be with and such. Most girls will feel your charm.)

5. Special Talents (Be it bar tricks or magic, etc, or some other interesting things that may impress the girls)

You score if you do have either one these qualities. But not many people have it thus are one of the major reasons why eroges are popular... Agree?

A little comparison brings an unexpected result which is seemingly surprising to look at. (Click picture for bigger view) Otakus rejoice, cause having a 2D girlfriend doesn't burn your wallets as much as having a real one. However the case, one will still need to move on to their next phase in life of getting a real companion to spend with. Then again, such still boils down to one thing... MONEY!

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