Monday, 16 August 2010

J's Chimes: Tekken Live Action

It seems that Hollywood has done it again by ripping off a game known as Tekken to become the next 'best' thing in Live Action movies. Similar to the previous Dragonball Live Action that has gain much criticism due to its ripped off theme with an American setting, Tekken will no doubt follow the footsteps of this with characters who seemingly does not match with the actual game... Or perhaps even worse with its storyline that doesn't seem to make sense. Coming out sometime this year, a video is as shown below.

Though you might say the special effects are great, the fights aren't... You could easily see from the trailer that the punches are weak and so forth... It just doesn't feel right for a setting like this which is so much similar to the DOA Live Action movie. But who knows? Let's save the thoughts for after the movie starts and then judge it then...

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