Thursday, 5 August 2010

J's Chimes: OMG! (One Manga is Gone!)

With the war on Scanlations, there's bound to be causalities involved and the very first goes to the popular free manga website known as Onemanga. As as now companies are taking seriously on licensing laws and such, websites are now closing down one at a time and who knows which the the next victim coming up. Other than that, popular series like Bleach and Naruto are now protected by copyright infringement laws so none can now be distributed for fans to continue reading the exciting parts coming soon... Whether it is a good thing or not no one is ever sure at the moment and so maybe it's back to the bookshops again...? Pertaining to this, J's Chimes will also be closing down the manga link sections as those links are already dead because of such turn of events. Anyway, let's just see what happens next...

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