Tuesday, 5 October 2010

J's Chimes: Genuine Fake

Popular gadgets like the PSP is given the fake treatment though such has been copyrighted and stuff. Am amazed that how similar the packaging is as to compared with the real one. It reads as POP Station instead but bears the exact same design and casing for this hand-held gaming device.

It's already been years since the Sony Playstation came into the market but fakes are still popping out in the streets. I remembered seeing this console somewhere and it uses cartridges instead of CDs to play games. The games are in 16 bit formats like those you'd play in the earliest of Nintendo console games.

Now almost every product starts with an 'I' in the front to mimic the ever so popular items for Apple. That didn't turn a blind eye for those who wanna make replicas of the ipod but of a different purpose...

Well, unless you don't use the internet and has no idea was Google is, you might truly believe that Google is actually a brand name for toilet papers...

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