Friday, 8 October 2010

J's Chimes: Quality Over Quantity...

It is been known that Japanese products are particularly small in size and expensive too. But little did we expect it to be this small somehow. Some examples could be seen in Daiso Singapore where certain snacks and drinks are too meager or small to consume happily. Take for example this soft drink which doesn't cover the palm of your hand.

A single slice of pancake can be even package like this for sale in a Supermarket. Talk about portion... Don't think one is enough... Snacks are also expensive in Japan though... However the case, do you also now that it is bad to be fat in Japan? That may have been a way to control their diets.

It is also been said that Japan separates their trash for disposal and recycling. Thus imagine purchasing just a small packet of drink could cause you plenty of trouble throwing it away unlike in Singapore where all types of trash are thrown at home together. For a packet of drink like this in Japan, the plastic straw is separated for disposal from the packet. The packet needs to be cut, flatten and washed clean on the inside before separating it. Different types of trash are then disposed off in different days of a week.

You'd have packaging for even the smallest product available in the market. Even a piece of candy is nicely wrapped for sale. It is been said that Japanese products are small is because they do not have the storage place to keep the products for use at a later day. For example if you rent a house in a city district, it is likely that the rooms are small and thus storage are valuable spaces that they can't afford to have.

Another reason was that in the Japanese tradition, they would go shopping for groceries everyday. They don't normally store food for consumption the next day as they believe in eating food fresh bought on the very same day and thus the quantity need not be too much for the day's consumption. Taking a look at this salad cup, you could easily tell that it's for a meal consumption only.

Sometimes, people say that quality is better than quantity. Well it really does depend on your eating habits and hunger at that very state of time. But at times, you'd think that this really ain't worth the money to buy for a little snack.

And if you drink beer, ya gonna be disappointed at the quantity of it available. I just hope Singapore would decrease or shrink their products in the future ahead when prices increases... Normally these are what manufacturers would do to save on costs and earn more profits.

And finally if you are going to have some deserts, a small slice of butter cake wouldn't be enough to satisfy your hunger if you are not from Japan. Knowing that, you should now be glad that you are in Singapore or other countries that offer product quantity and quality in abundance for you to indulge in. Perhaps you should think twice on wasting food if you are in Japan...

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