Saturday, 3 July 2010

J's Chimes: Amagami SS

One of the most awaited anime for this new season is Amagami SS. Amagami was previously a PS2 game and also came out as a manga in the early days and then came the anime industry to make this into what you'd see today. Firstly check out this wonderful opening theme which somehow makes it to have quite a romance nostalgic feel to it. This anime certainly reminds me of the previous animes like Boys Be to Tokimeki Memorial Only Love.

My first impression on this anime was 'wow, it's gonna be good', considering it being a romance genre in which I loved so much. But as I watch more, I'd kinda fell in love with Amagami. The fact is that the situation in which the male protagonist experience is the same as me in many a ways:

- To have someone you love turning down on you
- To have not found an answer upon reflection of what you or she did wrong
- To be scared to fall in love again because of the past experience
- To experience new love once again as my heart got that feeling once again
- To only experience failure once again in the end when you'd try very hard to get close to someone you love.
- To experience the cold and loneliness of the harsh realities of life

Amagami SS has somehow kept me pondering about stuff in relations to one's love life... It is really not easy for us to express our love to someone else. If you'd compare us with people who are much more charismatic and likable or handsome kinda guy, we gonna lose out big time because of our difference in personalities. In the case of the male protagonist, it is hard for a normal person to confess to a girl whose popular in school. It saddens me to see the rejection part of the story as we'd truly understand how he feels. Seriously, spare a thought for people who fail in their relationships. We are humans after all.

Anyway, am eagerly waiting for the next episode to know how the story goes for the male protagonist... Also went in search of the manga and read a bit of it and is surprised of what's to come. However, the story in the anime has been dramatically changed and tweaked here and there so some things may differ entirely from the manga and of course the game. Let's all hope for a happy ending for this new romantic anime for this new season...

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