Sunday, 4 July 2010

J's Chimes: Youth Parade Cosmo 2010

The Youth Parade Cosmo 2010 in the Shine Youth Festival had finally concluded today with a couple of cosplayers here and there. I would probably believe that most cosplayers have gone to the Cosfest at downtown East instead as it's a bigger scale event than this. But in any case, there are a number of interesting things happening around Orchard Road with this event that brought about many onlookers trying to figure out why there is a sudden wave of cosplayers parading around Orchard Road... A small bazaar selling anime goodies and stuff are also setup below the new SCAPE Mall in Orchard Road.

What comes as a surprise for this event is the appearance of popular cosplayers Alodia & Ashley from the Philippines. This is probably the 3rd time I see them in Singapore after AFA 2009 and the cosplay competition. Indeed they are so popular that a bunch of photographers kept chasing them to take pictures.

The second surprise visit would be Gundam Exia by 00 Emotions. Once again, they are the most sought after for photos and stuff... The cosplayers later parade the streets of Orchard Road with plenty of curious onlookers. With such, that concludes my day at the festival because a downpour is coming the way. In addition, tomorrow will be any busy day at the Cosfest 2010 in Downtown East. For more photos of the Shine Youth Festival Cosplays and Events, please click on the link at the right taskbar or simply click here.

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