Thursday, 22 July 2010

J's Chimes: Happy Birthday To Me!

Yup... forget all the past right now... Today's my birthday and am pretty excited about it... Unlike previous birthdays of pain and tears, this time it's not as ronery as it would be now as have manage to get plenty of friends to celebrate for me... Hoping that all would be able to make it though and things would get pretty hectic from today till the weekends... Yup, better take as many photos as possible... Not an everyday thing you gonna blow cakes or have that many friends to accommodate you for the days ahead. Was hoping to get some anime presents but it seems none of them has such interest in things other than me lol... Let's just see what happens then... Oh ya, and Happy Birthday To Me~!


megadethmen said...

Hey Happy Birthday Jason!! :) i hope you will find a love soon, not just friends :)

JC said...

Yup. Thanks!