Sunday, 25 July 2010

J's Chimes: Love Plus Arcade Version

Just when ya thought Love Plus can't sink ronery people any longer, here comes the arcade version of the game. Having launched as a DS game that critics and the media dubbed it as a 'game which will endanger the country's population and induces more divorce and addiction', it is no wonder such is under much criticism and relationship problems as time passes on. Konami; the creator of Love Plus, is planning to launch the arcade version at videogame centers in Akihabara for a test run first before promoting it to other parts of the world 'when the need arises'. I believe many ronery people will seek more attention through these screens and wouldn't mind inserting coins just to continue this relationship gaming for time to come... Perhaps next time someone would wanna marry to it and buy the entire arcade set too?

1 comment:

megadethmen said...

Well im not married so i'd like to play the game :) The machine looks cool :)