Thursday, 15 July 2010

J's Chimes: Hatsune Yui

Artworks are nice but sometimes you'd also get to see similarities here and there from some animes you may have seen before... One such case in which I'd found on the web is this Hatsune Miku picture which looks exactly the same like Hirasawa Yui from the K-On! opening theme.

Dunno if you'd called it plagiarism or tribute no one is ever sure but the stance and the background is definitely a rip off from K-On! However it is so cleverly done that it does look kinda good in some ways or another... Quite a funny comparison I must say... Both are loveable characters and both play and sing music... what more do you want?

1 comment:

megadethmen said...

The Miku version is cuter :)
With that light green hair-color. lol