Wednesday, 7 April 2010

J's Chime: They Are All Connected To Anime...

Some people just don't understand the importance of Japanese anime in our lifestyle so I thought that a little 'Education' is necessary for you to know why. Of course you do know how anime begun and stuff but do you really know that they actually connected to all industries around? Think harder and you will get the gist of it. They are as per follows:

Anime inspires mangas & doujinshi and vice versa:
Till date, most mangas are now being made into anime because of their popularity. Some examples are Bleach to Naruto. Some animes also become manga and such would be Suzumiya Haruhi to Code Geass. Sometimes the storyline deviates from each other or that the style of art is different.

Anime comes from Eroge and vice versa:
Same as mangas, some adult games do become anime (Other genre includes ecchi and hentai) and vice versa. Some examples are ToHeart, Comic Party and School Days. Surprisingly, Eroges seem have better storyline in some cases. Thus its inevitable that people who loved anime will definitely get to know Hentai too. Of course there are still Eroges that came out as a decent anime like Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na, Izumo or Utawarerumono instead of making it into a H anime.

Anime creates Artwork, Fanbooks, Fanarts and vice versa:
A good example would be Queen's Blade in which the artwork are kinda popular that it becomes an anime a few seasons back. Anime also brings market to the art industry which also brought about making characters for games, movies, etc. An example of such Artist is Tony Taka who drew up characters for Shining Tears, games and anime.

Anime helps develop games and vice versa:
A nice example would be the Suzumiya Haruhi game on PSP and an example of games becoming anime would be Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, etc. In fact, games are made to look like anime characters and you could name many though in the market.

Anime releases movies and vice versa:
Anime creates movies in both live action, animation and 3D. Examples of live action includes Death Note, Animations as in Summer Wars and 3D animations like Final Fantasy The Spirits Within. In fact there are more of such movies and popular ones like Death Note live action has been watch by many people whom includes those who don't like anime. But the thing is, it originates FROM anime, so why are you complaining?

Anime brings about products into industry and vice versa:
With anime's popularity comes about toys for kids, daily necessities like food to tissues or plates etc, stickers, cups, straps, wallets, clothes, appliances, electronics and many many more stuff in the market which in turn generates profit. If you for once think that anime is useless or should be ban, won't all of these industries be affected and create loss of jobs, revenue, opportunity costs?

Anime becomes hobbies and scale models and vice versa:
With anime, it brings about demands for scale models of favourite characters and stuff. Thus bringing about new hobbies for people. Anime creates new demands like daimakura, card games like Bushiroad's Weiss Schwarz, Gundam modeling, Gashapons, etc.

Anime relates to Cosplay and vice versa:
Without animes, there won't be cosplay and without cosplay, there won't be animes. Similarly a new industry in regards to cosplay for example fashion, makeup, wigs, clothing stores would be affected if not for anime which inspires people to dress as their favourite character. With that there won't be conventions and such around.

Anime spurs conventions, competitions, events and vice versa:
Would there be comicon, comiket, AFA, Coscon, Cosfest, EOY and such happening around the world if anime does not exists? Won't there be a bit less entertainment for the general public if anime wasn't around? Think again....

Anime composed Songs & Music and vice versa:
So you've heard many songs in Japanese? Out of the few you've listened, there would bound to be one that's from an anime series. So you say that anime songs are bad... Are you saying that the idols who sang these are bad too? Take note that some of these anime song are sung by popular bands like Orange Range to Ayumi Hamasaki.

Anime brings about Seiyuus, Voice acting, writers, artists, Idols, etc:
May'n is an example of popular idols in Japan. Voice actings for anime characters, giving a boost to art in a country, etc are what anime could expand into. Without such there wouldn't be voice acting schools, artwork, writers around wouldn't it? Singapore is slowly picking up with animations and stuff in relations to IT so it wouldn't be surprising to see animation films by local people in future.

Anime brings about photography in parts of the world and also tourism in Japan:
Cosplay = Photography and I would be surprise if it wasn't... Such brings about also tourism in Japan by tourists from around the world who loves anime too. What else would also be popular in Japan? Hardly I can't think of any besides it having delicious food and shopping, scenery and culture...

BEST PART ABOUT Anime? Everything is linked together...
Anime = Mangas = Eroge = Artwork = Games = Movies = Cosplay = Models = Conventions = Songs..... Talk about any and it all adds up and links well together. Any other reasons to hate anime now? Take out either one and they will all fall like dominoes. Think deeper and you'd understand what animes really are... Of course there are still more connections in which animes could link to and no doubt it is a part of our daily lives before you know it. Your push toy to your phone strap could very well be from an anime when you least expect it...

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