Thursday, 8 April 2010

J's Chimes: Period Of Compulsive K-On! Spendings

The ever so popular K-On! has finally debuted this season and many fans cheered for its return and also compulsive spendings on which ever K-On! products that featured in advertisements and even stuff that appears in the anime. Devoted fans have somehow tracked down items as shown in the opening and ending themes of the anime and found out that Mugi uses a Hammond New B-3 piano with a Leslie 122XB speaker behind. Next would be Mio's microphone which is the Audix OM-5 and finally the Nivea Lip Cure lipstick used by Yui. Well if you are really that rich, maybe you could invest on the piano or the microphone. In any case, loved this anime a lot too and eagerly waiting for the next episode...

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