Friday, 23 April 2010

J's Chimes: Relationships Break Friendships

Sometimes, things portray out in animes about slices of life do happens in real-life or should I say, in the reality that we are in. Though not many people would agree to this because it is fiction and created by an author's imagination, the truth is that some of which could be a life lesson in real-life which we can learn from. Such examples would be when one of your best friends or so has a relationship, the probability of contacting or meeting with each other will decline. No doubt the one whom you may spend the rest of your life is important (Which I think it is because its sad not to have one), but friends are important just as well. Although animes tend to bring things overboard, it is often wise to translate it into another meaning that fits well into the reality that you are in, and then balancing them both so you could live life to the fullest...

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