Sunday, 11 April 2010

J's Chimes: Digital SLR Get-to!

Bought a new DSLR at the Singapore Great Electronics Sale 2010 at Suntec City, Woot! It's a Canon EOS-550D at a price of SGD$1449. Darn, it really cost me a bomb here but al the more am feeling rather happy with the results it has given me in photo-taking...

Once again, the joy of opening up a new gadget is thrilling... As this is the latest item after the EOS-500D, gonna take some photos with it for remembrance... lol. Anyway this photo is taken using my Panasonic Lumix Camera...

And this photo is taken using the DSLR that I've bought... The photo is no doubt many times sharper and clearer than a compact digital camera... Click on the pictures and see it up close by comparison. Anyway, the EOS-550D comes with 18 Megapixel, 3.7fps, 3 inch LCD Display, Full HD recording, DIGIC 4 Processor, Live View and Integrated Cleaning System... Cool...

All wrapped up and nice is the SLR inside the packaging. Took me an hour to fully exploit all the goodies and freebies they throw into the set. Seriously need to get accustomed to the new camera now...

And finally, here are the freebies included in the set. Instead of buying only a camera, I've got freebies that are so much and even bigger than the camera itself... And they include:

1.) Additional flashlight attachment
2.) Cleaning Kit
3.) Screen Protector
4.) USB Card Reader
5.) Additional Battery
6.) 2 x 8gb Memory Card
7.) Protective Lens Cover
8.) SLR Carry Bag
9.) Camera Dry Box
10.) Tripod Stand

And now will be the time to take quality photos from Conventions and Events which am so eagerly waiting for... Tomorrow is a Sunday so might wanna go out for a photo shoot...

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