Friday, 30 April 2010

J's Chimes: Blog Theme History

J's Chimes have evolved over the years but its saddening that I've lost the theme of my website from long ago... Anyway here's my previous Blue skies theme for my blog. This marks the dramatic change for my blog including the hits and posts I've written. This theme clearly represents what am feeling that time because it was the December Holidays and am really feel to revamp the website.

Tried a Christmas Theme that very same year and it turns out much redder than expected. Whatever the case, it's really striking and blends well with the occasion am celebrating. However, Christmas does only last a day so had to quickly change to a new theme after a few days time.

A fresh new start begins with greenery as the theme for the New Year. However some issues appear because of the switch of my new computer as all graphics are in 800 x 600 back then. Seriously at this period of time, J's Chimes has revamped many times in order to appear new to visitors out there. And my call was answered with a current theme I am using as of now...

The current J's Chimes presents a much more classy and authentic look, with support of resolutions above 800 x 600. It is now permanently used as the main theme for my blog in this year. Am currently still considering making a new theme back due to constraints and the many event coming up this year, didn't had the luxury to. However, am still gathering inspirations to creating a new one though lol... Anyway, there you have it. Hopefully am able to find back the old theme for your viewing...

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