Tuesday, 11 May 2010

J's Chimes: Top 10 Girls In Anime You'd Like As A Girlfriend

After much consideration and selections, have come up with my top 10 female characters in Anime that you'd very much will like her as your girlfriend. There are seriously lots of good ones out but have decided on the 10 best for all the animes I've watched up to now. And here are the 10 best that I've concluded for 25 years worth of animes (not according to ranking):

The best of the best that ranks high above every other female anime characters till date would be Belldandy from the anime Ah! Megami Sama. A Goddess descended from the heavens would made the perfect girlfriend you'd ever wished for in your entire life. The main protagonist Keichi is a lucky guy to have her as a girlfriend. Imagine all your needs are fulfilled with her Godly powers. What else do you want?

Our next better player would be Lala from the anime To Love Ru. Descended from another world known as Deviluke who are the rulers of the Galaxy, Princess Lala is not only the most beautiful women in the universe, but also a whiz in high tech gadgets that would probably entertain you in various ways like Rito. With looks too much to die for with a playful and innocent heart, who wouldn't want to be her girlfriend?

Feena Fam Ashlight from the anime Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na Crescent Love takes one of the slot for the best girlfriend you'd ever wanted. From Kingdom of Sphere on the Moon, Feena is a beautiful and kind-hearted princess that bridge the friendly-relationship between Earth and the Moon. Well... I believe all guys would love a girlfriend who's pure and innocent and treats love as a wonderful feeling to have...

Contemplating with this a lot but finally had decided with Tamaki as the Top 10 best from the anime ToHeart. One of the best reason for such would be her loving character towards the person she loves. A big sister who takes care of the house and her friends is a definite appealing trait towards guys alike. Though she might reveal her claws like a wolf under sheep's clothing, a Tsundere type girl is kinda nice at times...

A lot of controversies going on with Kaede from the anime Shuffle! because of her Yandere characteristics when she was 'rejected' by the the male protagonist who loves Asa Shigure instead. Overall, I still believes that a girl who wakes you up everyday, cook breakfast for you, walk with you to school, stays with you, etc, etc and etc is about the most perfect girlfriend you'd ever wanted already... No questions asked. Just like what Stark in Ironman says: 'I give you world peace. What more do you want?!'

Charlotte Hazelrink from the anime Princess Lover makes another great girlfriend with her cheery nature and childish character that can melt the hearts of guys around. Who am I kidding? Everybody wants a partner to be happy and cheery to make your day! And a princess to boot, friends will be the envy of you to find such a beautiful girlfriend who loves hanging out with you...

Almost one of the best girlfriends you'd ever had, Haruka loves anime and such just like people like us... A perfect combination with similar hobbies will surely make this relationship everlasting. From the anime Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu, Haruka is really a rather good choice because firstly she is darn rich and can fuel your otaku nature and buy more anime stuffs. Secondly, she is really beautiful and sweet and smart and lovely and etc etc... and thirdly, who the hell wouldn't want such a girlfriend?!

Yes. Sawako from the anime Kimi Ni Todoke is also in one of my top 10 lists. Ya indeed, the anime in the beginning shows that she's been avoided by her classmates because people believe that she is cursed, that however wasn't the case and she was actually a very beautiful person both at heart and her looks when she dressed up. With a pure and innocent heart, such relationships are the best as both parties will love each other more. Hmm... don't really know how to describe it but all I can say is that both parties will pursue in a more genuine love where they would grow and cherish each other. That's the kind of relationship I'd want and I wouldn't ask for more than that...

A definite like! Mio from the anime K-On! is one of the cutest kinda girlfriend anyone would want. Her cry baby behavior, innocent character makes you want to be protective of her and look out for her every time. Am pretty sure everyone would agree so... much so because she's definitely cute, irresistibly ctue, and even so more cute with her every little actions as seen in the anime.

Finally, Amamiya from the anime Tokimeki Memorial Only Love is also in the Top 10 list because firstly, she's the flower of the entire school. Secondly, she's smart and beautiful and have a nice character and attitude. Thirdly, she's from Tokimeki Memorial... The classic love simulation from the 1990s that brought about the birth of such a game genre that inspires game like Love Plus+. Love the classic heroine Shiori Fujisaki too and Amamiya is definitely the mirror image of her since they were produced from the same company known as Konami.

Still unconvinced with my selections? Try watching these animes and you'd probably think so too. There are plenty of other candidates and varies from different people with different perspectives of a wonderful girlfriend. So what's your pick too then?

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ShunRenHu said...

I would like Kaede fuyou as my girl-friend and also hope she always stay normal!