Saturday, 8 May 2010

J's Chimes: Danny Choo Network TV

Am pretty excited with the coming Danny Choo Network TV which will be aired from the 12th of June this year. However it is only limited to people living in Japan and also those who have cable televisions to watch it on Animax... Hmmm, sure hope someone uploads it on Youtube or record it in HD for many others to watch. Said to be 30 minutes long in Japane and an hour for Animax subscribers, this TV show will talk much about animes and stuff in which we all know much about. In any case, have owe it much to Danny Choo because he was the reason I'd start blogging too. To talk about our hobbies and such is a wonderful experience though there are people who dislikes our passion for such things. In any case, its the holidays for me now, so gonna start blogging many stuffs again...

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