Saturday, 29 May 2010

J's Chimes: Top 10 Lucky Guys In Anime

Today's the final day of my reservist in the army and am probably celebrating it outside now with my friends in camp. And nevertheless, am finally back too to blog more interesting stuff herein. With that, let's take a look at the top 10 most lucky guys in anime I'd believe would be. You'd be so happy and living in a life of paradise if you're one of these characters here...

1. Hanaukyo Maid Tai

The most fortunate guy in which I believe and would love to be him would definitely be Tarou Hanaukyo from the anime Hanaukyo Maid Tai. Being the master as appointed by his rich grand uncle, Tarou lives in a large mansion served by hundreds of maids on his beck and call. Even taking a leak in the toilet, you'd be serve by maids opening your fly and directing your gun at the toilet bowl... Not to mention helping you bathe or sleeping with you in a much very exciting manner...

2. Princess Lover

Once again, another anime in which the protagonist is suddenly being made a rich kid and enjoying it... Kobayashi Teppei from the anime Princess Lover is certainly a character many people dream to become. I mean who wouldn't want to be in love with beautiful princesses and idols from around the world? Sometime it just pay to be rich... Reality is painful at times...

3. To Love Ru

Yuki Rito just don't understand how lucky he is to have met Lala from the planet of Deviluke, one of the most beautiful princess of the entire galaxy. What's more, with all the girls around him and always getting into embarrassing moments, I think he'd be grateful more instead of being so unhappy about girls affecting his daily lifestyle. Seriously, if a girl would to appear naked on your bed, what would you do man?

4. Shuffle!

Suddenly, the God's and Demon's daughter become candidates of your future bride. Tsuchimi Rin can choose to marry either after getting to know them better in this eroge turned anime titled Shuffle!. With school life just as lively and being popular with the girls, everyone wants to have such wonderful high school days too. Being charismatic is nice~especially with the girls.

5. Nagasarete Airanto

Trapped on an island? How about an island full of girls who'd desperately needs a guy as a partner. Being the only guy on the island, Ikuto from the anime Nagasarete Airanto is being stalked and surrounded by girls wanting to have a relationship with him. I guess being stranded on an island like this ain't so bad at all... Now you do not need to worry about not finding a girlfriend anymore even being an introvert and all... Once again, reality hurts...

6. Isekai No Seikishi

Once again, being a popular guy whose strength is admirable and able to get in favor with the girls is another character many people envy... Kenshi from the anime Isekai No Seikishi is no doubt the copy of the previous anime done by the same company known as Tenchi Muyo. Kenshi's charisma has brought about many girls around him to his attention and would probably be in love with him just as being told in the anime. Imagine being in an alternative world and becoming popular in it.... Never would I want to return to the real world already after that...

7. Hand Maid May

the girls around the protagonist in this anime are mostly robots, but who the heck could withstand such temptations from robots who looked and feel so life like... Not to mention, they could even love and act like a normal human being who could be a replacement for the real thing to all ronery guys. Seriously if such were to be produce, it would be a double edge sword for all humankind alike. However if you'd look into the prospects of it, many guys would be happier... Who wouldn't want a partner to love them back as much as they too?

8. Tokimeki Memorial Only Love

Aoba Riku from the anime Tokimeki Memorial Only Love is also another lucky guy to have met girls one after another after being transferred into this unique school. Imagine being hooked up with the school idol and pretty girls in high school... err, you'd get the picture... How I wish my school life was like that too... once again and again,reality is a cruel thing... That's why animes give us these fantasies to think about and fills up void we do not have experience before.

9. Ichigo 100%

Another one of those school days anime in which many desires to have... Ichigo 100% tells the tale of manaka Junpei in search of a girl he saws on the roof with Ichigo Pantsu (Strawberry Underwear). And in the midst of it all, meeting up with 3 other girls in the process... My personal fav is Toujou Aya though Satsuki is one of the popular characters in this anime. Whatever the case, this guy sure is lucky...

10. Love Hina

Lastly, Love Hina is still the classic Harem anime whereby its protagonist Urashima Keitaro gets into many awkward situation with the girls living in a bathhouse. From a complete geek to a successful and matured guy, Keitaro has seen through various heart-pounding events, nosebleeds and also weird situations in almost every turn... One of the animes that gives me plenty of encouragement when my morale's low.

And so here are my top 10 most lucky guys in anime. Then again there are plenty of such animes around, from Tenchi Muyo to even the latest anime like Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou. Such animes are normally ecchi in its genres but such are mostly popular because such are what fans love in the anime industry. Watchng such could bring smiles and laughter to make your day ahead...

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