Monday, 17 May 2010

Day 1 In The Army: Music To Your Ears

By the time you'd read this post, am probably in green and serving the country... Whatever the case, the post has to go on and had somehow scheduled 2 weeks worth of stuff ahead just to be sure in the case am not back home to do so... In any case, Day 1 in the army post will talk about the anime music in which people loved so much and decided to play it on their own... In this case, here's the opening theme song of Clannad After Story.

And this is a video of an awesome musician who plays this song using the Yamaha Electone StageA organ. A stunning professional that I can't help but wanting to see her face so much... makes me wanna sing this song too upon viewing it. What's even more stunning would be the organ which could mimic as any instruments to play this song even without a band of musicians... However, you'd need to fork out at least SGD$16,800 for this organ though. A mini version of it is available at SGD$3300 and am currently looking into getting one of those if I'd had the money... Check it out here at YAMAHA.

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