Saturday, 15 May 2010

J's Chimes: End Of A Legend

One of the longest running manga is coming to an end this coming July issue of the Shonen Gangan in Japan. Full Metal Alchemist, currently ranked one of the best top 3 mangas ahead of Naruto, is one of the original big selling titles like Bleach and One Piece that has sold millions of copies worldwide. Such would bring about losses to the industry once the story ended as many franchises or products sold for this series will probably become long gone together with it. While I still have not been able to catch a glimpse of this anime as of yet, I do believe it does have the same appeal as Bleach, One Piece or Naruto that has been attracting fans alike. So it might probably be a big blow to fans too that the series is quickly ending so soon after many years of publication... All things come to an end and we will just need to move on and hopefully something big will once again revive the industry once again...

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