Friday, 21 May 2010

Day 5 In The Army: Miku Strap

Bought this Hatsune Miku Strap in Kareshi Kanojo No Mise at Sunshine Plaza when shopping for my friend's Birthday at A87 Cafe in my previous post. Being a fan of Miku and all, this definitely caught my attention and in no time at all, it is hanging in my cart.

With that comes the photo-taking session with my Figma Miku, with her delighted look at her very own strap... Guess it's just too valuable to use and now it's back in my plastic wrapping for safe keeps... Somehow or rather, I'd have the impulse on using it but am afraid it gets all dirty and black... Wanted to use it for my Canon EOS 550D too but guess it looks pretty fragile for a safety strap... Hope to see it again soon once am back from the army...

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