Monday, 3 May 2010

J's Chimes: Beating To The Rhythm

One of the anime songs that keeps getting into my mind recently is this season's Angel Beats Anime. Titled My Soul Your Beats and sung by the ever so popular singer Lia, this opening theme song is kinda addictive once you got the hang of it after watching and listening to it umpteen times. And currently there are also 2 different opening themes to this anime; a normal piano version and a remix electric guitar version for episode 4. So someone got a silly idea of merging this 2 songs together... Turns our kinda messy in the beginning but after watching it a couple of times, there's a remix feeling to it... hmmm... unexplainable. In any case, with the 2 opening themes side by side with each other for comparison, it's kinda have a nice ring to it... In any case, just enjoy and look at the difference. Recommend that you use a headphone to hear or switch to a higher volume to hear the song properly...

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